Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Crossfires - "Out Of Control" (Sundazed, 1995)

I fuckin' hate the Turtles! I can't stand the hippies anyway - so imagine if these hippies were fat stoned singing altogether with "pom-pom-poms" and shit,  "So haaaaappy togeeetheeeerrrr!"... Grrrrrrr!!! I need an uzi and a clip of bullets!
Ain't life full of contradictions? The Crossfires were one of these repugnant things. I mean, take a serious look on these photos here. OK, did you check them carefully? Awright, then give a listen to these fuckers recordings. I tell you people and before you can take a judge for yourself, the Crossfires were a bunch of strolling savage teenagers! One of the USA's most killer surf-instro combos! And actually were the first incarnation of the...Turtles for fuck's sake. As a one track mind i am there was no chance to give a shot on this CD if i knew first who got involved. I know, I'm a sucker but at least respect my honesty. That's another out of print compilation and don't know why these good folks at Sundazed HQ didn't re-reissue yet, gems like this one (preferable format this time, vinyl).  From the known surf hymns of "Fiberglass Jungle", 'Chunky","Inferno" and "Silver Bullet" to inspired rockenrollers like Buddy Holly's "That 'll be the Day", "Justine" and the mean lean "One potato two potato", the 'fires just sets dance-halls on (what else?) fire! All these sides along with the Flo & Eddie produced DMZ Sire LP, gives you some reasons to respect something of the Turtles history and proves that none was born a square, he becomes one later! 

Fiberglass Jungle! 


  1. i like ur blog but you seriously need to change your perception about people. Freddy

  2. C'mon Freddy! It's all fuckin' stupid humor! Don't take things too seriously. Rock & roll's like comics. Dumb fun. Relax.
    Thanks for stopping by anyway!

  3. This is a great write-up!

    When I first saw the Crossfires I thought "Ugh, I hope he doesn't like the Turtles. They not only suck, they made Frank Zappa's music crappy." Glad to see you prefer their earlier incarnation, as do I. There was a nice article about the Crossfires in an old Kicks magazine.

    - Days of Broken Arrows

  4. Hey Mihaleez. It's all good. Thanks. All the best.


  5. Happy Together wasn't no hippy song. The meaning flew right over your head. Damn shame. It wasn't very happy either.