Friday, October 16, 2015

I said it's like thunder... It's like lightning... A summarize of an already good year for all Johnny Thunders fans!!!

Hey there! The good guys over at Chatterbox forum reminded (and in some cases actually, informed me, about some of the following Johnny Thunders goodies! So it's my turn to spread the word and summarize an already good year for all us Thunders' acolytes:

Easy Action Records put out some shit, with some more in the pipeline!
  • A Comprehensive and remastered In Cold Blood, with all of Johnny's studio recordings from 1982 (on Double-CD and vinyl)  
  • A remastered version of some old Dolls' gigs under the Butterflyin' name (waiting from day to day for this to come in my mailbox).
  • A 10" vinyl Critic's Choice/So Alone single (I suppose the Chesterfield Kings backed recordings)
  • A 7" vinyl In Cold Blood single

Remarquable Records is going berserk on The Heartbreakers/Johnny front:
  • 10" vinyl Daddy Rollin' Stone EP (27 Nov 2015)
  • So Alone Double-LP (remastered from the original tapes) with the LP + non-album tracks (29 Jan 2016)
  • JOHNNY THUNDERS:1978 - 2CD + Book (still in pre-production, but rumors say it will include all of the tracks from RBL1 + RBL2 10" EPs + even more previously unreleased tracks) 
Cleopatra Records released recently a (supposed) unreleased live recording of The Heartbreakers at a 1977 Village Gate gig, when they were hot as hell and they were firing in all cylinders!!! Look for it under the L.A.M.F. – Live At The Village Gate 1977, title. It reminds me a few well known old boots but the sound's definitely better (way better in fact) and the packaging an awesomeness! Walter Lure got involved with this in one way or another, so go ahead... 

Last but not least, a reminder on the special RECORD STORE DAY Jungle Records double vinyl release of the now legendary, Live At Max's Kansas City Volumes 1 & 2.

Keep 'em coming!!!

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