Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! - "Orange" (CD, Crypt - 1994)

Ahhhhh, The Blues Explosion! Still much controversy about them, right? OK right from the start, I dig them and I dig them A LOT! They're in many ways responsible for the younger generations to turn their heads into black music again (rock & roll, blues, funk, soul etc). And they were awfully sexy once upon a time... Actually just as sexy and raunchy will get black music, which is again, A LOT! Hmmmm, come to think of it, actually ONLY black music is sexy but anyway, I think you got it!

So, purists are fuckin' jerks - period! They always were. They're nazis in everything and their thinking is similar if not the identical to those bastards but life and art luckily had taught us that without mixing bloods, no wonder's going to happen and those stupid "purists" attacked/accused the Blues Explosion in the beginning at least, for not being "authentic". Andre Williams, R.L. Burnside and Rufus Thomas though had no problems as history proved just like Bo, Muddy or Chuck had no problems for the Rolling Stones back in the 60s.

Nevertheless I'm still scratching my head in oddity with this record... I mean, is sooooooooo brilliant but quite extremist as well for people like Tim Warren, don't you think (here as you can see for yourself in the original Crypt jacket and not the lame aluminum of Matador!)? With "Orange" the Blues Explosion added scratches and dance beats to their "Meters going Stones having James Brown and Lux Interior" formula with an enormously marvelous end result! Still fresh, neat and funky as fuck as it was 20 years back when at first came out... This is Blues Power!!!


  1. In FLAC ladies and gentlemen!

  2. 20 years ago! Whaouuu... It was the best album of the 90's. PERIOD. I saw JSBX so many times, sometimes in really tiny places (one of the rare bands I saw literally in a "garage" at the beginning of the 90's - a squat in Massy, Paris suburbs) Well Jon may not be the kind of guy you want to hand around with - he can be really weird - but what a band! Just listen to Russell Simins (the best drummer since Danny Mihm) "Afro" on Extra Width (1993) was a blast! A true classic... I still remember the first time i listened to Orange: in my car, at night, driving from Paris to Amsterdam, playing it again and again, till the end of the night. And that night I drove very very FAAAASSTTTT! Cheers.

    1. Haha, great memories right DD?!
      You're a lucky guy, we here at Greece saw them just once I think during the ACME period and they' were a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I have also witnessed Heavy Trash and I tell you they were major shit kickers too! I I was recently hooked again with the bands of my younger years and I thought start here with "Orange". Blues Explosion, Jack O' Fire, Mudhoney, Oblivians, Gories, Revelators... Way cool bands!!!
      I never got close Jon though, I was afraid he will still my chicks! ;-)