Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dogtown Balladeers - 'Antique Wine & Roses" (CD, Perris Records - 1996) & "All Dressed Up In Dreams" (CD EP, Perris Records - 1995)

Oi! Everything’s fine out there? 
You know, I’m in the mood for nothing! I’m bored like a lazy dog in the street’s corner. We‘re having down here one of the hottest summers the last 10 years at least, so I believe you can imagine the state I'm in under an every day 40 degrees of Celsius body baking… All I have in my mind is one word and that is ‘VACATIONS’. Two more weeks and then, ha-ha, remember me I’m gone! I tried a couple of times to find something to write about, but laziness conquered every move. Actually laziness is the reason why I’m writing this too. I’m in the office and (guess what…) I’m bored again! JP’s on vacations already (you lucky bastard!). We’re working on  some ideas (well, to put it better we’re trying to try to put our selves into this mode but it’s not fully working as you can guess easily) for a new WAX ‘release’ but we both have empty batteries – take some rest buddy, we have a full winter ahead! And I finally finished this great Keith Richards book, ‘Life’. Absolutely brilliant, hilarious and perhaps the best companion for your beach/mountain excursions. I mean, it’s totally understandable through this why the guy was able to write such great songs - fantastic storyteller, and the life he lived... sometimes you find yourself envy his luck! Great read indeed. 
Where was I? Ah yes, one of the emails WTS inbox swallowed all these days of absence was by Steve, a great guy as it turned out. He brought me some of my requests and along with these, a present...these ones here. Thanks man!I had Dogtown Balladeers CD in a small bit-rate old download and nothing else. What a band! They sure deserved some better fortune. I mean, I love dearly the Quireboys (especially their matured "Rock N Roll" phase) but the Dogtown guys were way better. Stonesy/Faces songwriting, Hanoi Rocks feeling (Sam Yaffa was the man behind the board), a cool guest set throughout the recordings - from Izzy Stradlin to members of Electric Angels, The Throbs, Kix, Blackeyed Susan and Black Crowes, and a good impression of a big fuckin' party full of empty bottles and mountain flush ashtrays. Semi-electric /semi-acoustic rock & roll,with obvious Motown influences, great lyrics, cool harmonies and melodies destined to be loved by every fan of good ol' time rock & roll. As the band said, "Three chords, a cloud of dust and a bad attitude"! 


  1. Ripped & uploaded by Steve

  2. Hey, man! I didn't know what to do for the holidays but now I've made up my mind: my bag is pack and I'm gonna hit the road: My swimsuit and a pair sunglasses, my beatles boots to go to the beach, a pack of Mythos and for my hearing pleasure The Dogtown Balladeers (and, of course, the outstanding "LAMFTMJB"!) - Happy holidays to you & Steve & all the white trash souls...