Sunday, July 29, 2012

Freddy Lynxx - "No Pleasure Thrills" (LP, Sucksex Records - 1996)

Freddy Lynxx's "Hurt Me"? You can say so. I'm doing probably the usual mistake and even though I'm not counting the great Croatian/French rock & roller as a copycat (in fact the opposite), this statement to the eyes of those not knowing him maybe do so. What I'm trying to say's that this is Freddy's acoustic masterpiece. And it's as good (if not better) as his (mine's, yours etc) idol. Quite rare item as I noticed from a quick walk through the net, more than the 'electric' drenched albums of his. I really can not understand the reason why some re-issue (or not) label(s) don't pick upon Lynxx's works and they remain still a dexterous people's game to cash-in on the fans thirst for infrequent quality's rock & roll, cause Freddy Lynxx still is one of the handful around with THAT scarce chop and class! And we must (us know pirates, thieves etc. for the music industry CEOs...) chuck our own backs cause we're the ones passing the message to the 'new' fans that those great artists maybe never had through their independent issues the ability to approach... Enuff with the self approbation (masturbation?)... This album's GREAT! Freddy's such a cool cat that always had 'stars' to accompany him. And here they are again. Johnny Thunders (naturally!), Nikki Sudden, Nicky Hopkins (yes, the Stones' one!) and Johan Asherton, all take a walk though this vinyl's grooves. And if that's not an impressive line up then what it is, right?! Freddy & Johnny combine forces for a great take on the Rolling Stones 'As Tears Go By', Nicky Hopkins chops the 88s for Dylan's 'Lay Lady Lay' and Johan Asherton's taking the mic. Tammy Wynette's 'Apartment #9' has my beloved bandit Nikki Sudden sharing the vocal duties with the 'Cover Side' to hide two more gems (the one's The Heartbreakers more sensitive in a way execution of 'I Love You'). In the three songs of the  'Uncover Side' the quality's stays the same. The funny thing's that when I first listen to this album (I can't remember who handed me this to get credit, not my rip - just two days back found it & grab it in a mart thing situation) I found my self disappointed cause at the time all I wanted was another Jetboys thing... Sometimes luck's with you and you don't even know it. 




  2. Thousands thanx, as usual ... Fine discovery ! Reminds me KID PHARAON & THE LONELY ONES and their nice "Love Bikes" lp .
    Greetings from France .

  3. As usual: GREAT post! Freddy & a holly trinity of guests! I really like "As tears go by" & "Appartment #9" almost made me cry: I miss these guys, Johnny Thunders & Nikki Sudden... Thanks

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    1. First you must copy and paste the link above. On sendspace site there's a banner that says 'click here to download from sendspa ce'.

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    Mmmm...Must be very very sleepy yesterday. Anyway lot of thanks from me straight from the Carribean. This post is a real medecin for all the calypso, reggae & salsa overhere....
    Thanx again! / Antonio - Aruba

  7. What a totally stand up album and discovery! thanks a million...

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  9. Hi, any hope for a re-up of this one?
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