Friday, December 16, 2011


I'm already late on this (a huge sorry to the guys and gals of the bands)and it also ended up boring as hell by saying constantly the 'I had no time at all this period' cliche, but unfortunately it's the truth and nothing but the truth...
And you know something, when along with my best friends we were printing our fanzine, the usual 'pain in the ass' situation was the reviews section. I mean, if you respect what you are doing (and you have to remember always that you're not a critic or a proficient on this, but just a fan) you own first to yourself and then all the others, to tell your opinion exactly as it is. And that thing alone was making many bands sad or angry, cause they thought  they had by you a 'bad review'. Bollocks! Due to this, MANY times refused in the near past to get and introduce stuff by current bands, having the aforementioned fear in my mind. I did a small exception with the following groups cause 1. they gave me their personal OK to write freely what i feel and 2. from the first hearing i was OK too, cause at least i liked what I've heard!
The One and Nines are a cool soul/pop combo from the New Jersey. And when i say cool, i mean it. Don't be afraid of the 'pop' word just mentioned. Their popular sensibilities had more in common with the 60s gal groups we all know here, than in what most people refers to by using the term. There's a Ronettes touch trough-out their melodies but where in the Ronnie's gals were the Wrecking Crew as a back-up, imagine here the Hi! records house band. Yep, a great southern soul powder comes to sweeten your bad day at work from the first sec the needle or the laser would touch the preferable disc. BTW, their new single (yes we're talking about a 45 rpm single, not a CD...) recorded analogically and mastered deep down in Memphis by no other than Scott Bomar (The Bo-Keys, Impala)! Give a first listen here and then order directly from the band's site.
Different sounds for the next band and if you like the Dwarves, then you're in! The Depravos De La Mour had all the 'sickness' of the dudes mentioned in the first line plus! Garage-y, lo-fi, filthy and funny. They reminded me from the first push on the play button, something in the likes of a thirty & dirty Hasil Adkins, having as a back up band, the Pagans with tons of 'strange' things consumed in large amounts. I really dig the hand made cut and paste sticker that tried to hide the previous or maybe the wrong typed name (Retardos De La Mour). Punk rock in the real sense. I'm not sure how often I'm gonna put his fucker on the machine for a repeat but if i had the chance to catch 'em live, i would have done it regularly and without second thoughts. Try find the guys here.

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