Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Cannibals - "Christmas Rock 'N 'Roll" (HIT, 1986) / "Good Guys" (Big Cock Records, 1977) / "Nadine EP" (HIT, 1978)

Hi again. I really struggle to keep things going on in here too. You really have no idea what it's happening in this small place of the world called Greece, onetime cradle of civilization... But i don't want and i won't let those bastards grind us down as my beloved Motorhead used to say! You know, with two little fellas 'round the house it's kinda easier to get in the mood for Christmas and that's what I'm going to do!  I tried with my faithful partner in crime/buddy from a long distance, Jean Philippe to catch up the holidays with a brand new WAX CD but too much work for both of us... Maybe it's better this way, cause with a new year rising on our heads and some new hopes together, hopefully we will be ready to introduce our new essay along with the celebration of this blog's existence for two years now and stalking/heading for a third, in the same vein, with the same guts and the same rock & roll energy! I had prepared something else for the occasion but I'll save it for a little later cause some hours before, came to my mail this Christmas present for all you White Trash Soul-sters out there! Of course the reliable mind behind these rips is Jean Philippe and i like to thank him one more time in public for being a patient fellow traveler and a very good friend behind a computer screen. Yeah, they do exist such friendships! I'd like to thank you one more all you guys and gals for keeping our flame alive with your (daily?) presence, leaving comments, sharing thoughts and sometimes links but most of all your love. Jean Philippe and me want to express our gratitude for making this page a cool meeting place and we're giving a new rendez-vous for the next year. Have fun with your families, your friends and all the persons that making your lives worthy, throw parties, make sex, drink loads of booze and enjoy every minute of the holidays are coming. For the history these are three mighty ass rock & roll singles from the gang of Mike Spenser, the one's on the days spirit. Run Run Rudolph!
See ya next year!



  2. Good luck overthere in Greece - hope your safe - thanx-a-lot for the music

  3. Keep rockin' !!
    Happy New Year... !! Yeah!
    All the best. ;)

  4. Feliz Año!!!!
    desde Madrid.
    Larga vida al Rock 'n' Roll.

  5. Happy new year! Greece will keep on rockin' in 2012 despite those IMF & Co bastards! All the best for you, your family & friends!

  6. The Good Guys sleeve in picture above is a cheap fruit and veg paper bag you get to put...( guessed it!) fruit and vegetables in at an outdoor market. Cost about 2 British Pounds at the time for about 500 bags. You can see the little hole in each bag where the string used to be to hold them all together so they could hang on a nail. These were printed one by one on a cheap rotary "mimiograph" machine with a stencil cutout. Each side was printed seperately. The Nadine single, the picture on the front is an X-ray of my skull after I feel off a chair pissing down an elevator shaft 6 story's up in an old Victorian building and cracked my skull. Still have the scar. I just took the X-ray, and left the hospital, concussed and bleeding, and got hit by a car staggering outside the hospital. A rock and roll casualty. They eventually let me keep the X-ray. Still have it. As you can see, there is no brain inside the skull. The Christmas Rock and Roll single, I wrote the words and just went into the studio and asked the band to play Eddie Cochran's "Genie, Genie, Genie". Listen to the Inmates version of Genie, Genie, Genie. Same guitarist, Tony Oliver, on both songs! I never knew why George Harrison paid out for admitting using the same chords in My Lord as in a Chiffon's song (forgot the name of!) When I have words and am stuck for the music in a pinch I just nick whatever I feel fits. Listen to The Cannibals "We're Pretty Sick"! Sue me!!! I couldn't give a fuck. I've written over 120 original songs and music anyway.