Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Screamin' Joe Neal - "Rock And Roll Deacon" W/ "Tell Me Pretty Baby" (Originally on Shippings, 1959 - reissued by Norton, 1995)

There was a time in my life that my only ambition was to found lookalikes or sound-a-likes of Little Richard!
Yeh, i know, something got wrong with me from a very tender age... Anyway, i was chasing (OK i admit, still do) like a nutso comps like "Savage Kicks" or "Stompin'" just with the hope to "discover" a cogent dude that had the screaming abilities of Mr. Penniman! Of course I've learned lotsa more with these.
One of the many greats i crashed on was Screamin' Joe Neal. And i was always fascinated by names or nicks with a prefix like "screamin'" or "little". So Joe Neal had a bonus just with this! Not many things are known for the man. He's probably dead even though i hope for the opposite. He recorded two (now) legendary singles one for the Shippings label and another for Emerge. Most sources claim on the net that both singles was on Emerge, but i always trusted better Wang Dang Dula database on these matters and due to this i have the need to tell you too. That's his first and his best. A 1959 wailer in the likes of Little Richard, Esquerita, Kid Thomas and Bunker Hill! Made in St. Louis and re-produced for the next generations as a deposit with love from Norton recs. According to a page dedicated to him, one local guitarist recalled :
"He got his name from crawling around the audience on his knees. He would creep up on a woman and scream at them. Scare the shit outta them."
In just one word, WILD!
320 Kbps

Rock & Roll Deacon!


  1. Yeahhh Wilder than this drive you totally nuts...

    Great screamer indeed!!

    Thanks Remi

  2. Super! This reminds me to another "little" screamer...Little Ike - She Can Rock :)))

  3. what the heck great records but 99% dead links or no links at all !!! just information you can google and maybe find a link waste of time partner.