Monday, January 17, 2011

The Cannibals - "Bone To Pick" (HIT Records,1982)

There are two kinds of legends in rock & roll. Those who had make it big (commercially or artistically acclaimed) and those who didn’t.
Mike Spenser sadly belongs to the second category. He was the original vocalist of the Count Bishops and I LOVE the Bishops as a few bands in the world. I do understand why so many fans of the band or the music press dug the second singer, Dave Tice cause he had a hell of voice but sorry, I go for Mike all the way! Dave had a gutsy gravel throat but Mike was the caveman here! The Bishops on “Speedball” were the true sons of the Pretty Things! I have never heard such rawness since the early days of the Sect and the Pretties (always talking for UK).
With Mike behind the mic, Bishops were the garage punk version of the Pretty Things. And there’s not much really more to say cause what I’ve already wrote, I believe strongly speaks for itself!
There’s a big confusion for what Mike did and what not after the Bishops. There must be one or two bands before the Cannibals but that’s a mystery to me. I have searched over the internet countless times and still no complete bio or discography for Mike. I guess when I found the time, should I try to track him for an interview.
The Cannibals are what the name exactly pronounced. The most primitive thing came outta England in the late 70s and all the 80s. They were the originators of ‘Trash’. For some strange reason, only a small amount of compilers around the world include them in the so called ‘Garage Revival’ thing, but the Cannibals were more garage and definitely more punk than say, the Fuzztones or the Chesterfield Kings of this world! They had great originals (I mean GREAT!) and they preferred to cover Bo or Chuck just like the Sonics & the Stones did, than “Psycho” or “99th Floor” as most of the other like minded used to. And although I adore toons like these, sorry but I go better for a cool rendition of “Nadine” than “Dirty Water”! Oh and the Cannibals really did justice better than others on cover songs of 60s punk bands like the Standells “Good Guys” for example. I know that you may be a little bit suspicious on what I’m writing now but like all other times here, I’m for sure a jubilant fanatic but no blind man to not spot you on the bad things even from the ones I really have a taste for. And the Cannibals were and still are the shit! It’s often mentioned that the B side of  the “Good Guys” single (on Cock Records), was one of John Peel’s favorites. The famous (now) Black Box of 142 with his all time faves, secured them a place in the pantheon of rock & roll publicity for ever. With a credit like this you simply can do no wrong, right? Prepare the cauldrons and put fire is time to feed the Cannibals!
A Jean Philippe contribution exclusively for White Trash Soul! 

Bone to... Pick!


  1. Hey men great stuff your posting keep up the good work! Trash on!

    Bom Bom Lulu
    from The Rock & Roll Rampage Radio Show

  2. Thanx Mihaleez and Jean Philippe for this great post... basically there's never enough of the Cannibals around! As you say they are really underrated... as far as I know it's Mike Mc Cann (playing on this album) that introduced Mike Spenser to the whole 60's Punk thing... this garage punk element then became prevailing...

  3. A real treat, Mihaleez! You inspired me to post their Hot Stuff album...

    thanks a lot!

  4. Thanx, it`s a great stuff. I also fan of Bishops, and I never heard about this band, do you have some link to bio and discography of Cannibals, Also I can`t find Bishops Crosscuts album do you have this? Thank you again

  5. Great album (and great band), thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. @The Rock and Roll Rampage Show: Thanks a lot mate. I must find the time to check on your show some day. cheers!
    @Jeronyme : You're right mate, if you haven't check already this, just try it...
    @RYP: What can i say? You rule mate!
    @Дејан Манделц: Hi mate. yes i do have "Crosscuts" but you can easily find it on the web and with great quality. Check this one: but RYP and Gyro from Twilight zone post excellent stuff Bishops included.
    @Thee LP: You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hey, just discovered your great blog. Seems we got a pretty similar taste in musick. Did ya know that Mike Spenser was supposed to be the singer of the Sex Pistols?

  8. Discography:

    Mike does a Saturday night radio show on Real Punk Radio: The Trashman.

    Check out here:

  9. Just discovered these guys on the Ain't Nothin' But Trash compilation. Amazing! It appears this one was taken down. Any chance for a re-up?


  10. What about a Re-Up.Would be great

  11. Re re re - oh yes up would be great. If yth blog wasn't so great there wouldn't be these re-up requests!

  12. After the Count Bishops, mid-late 1975, I formed a band called The Comets (never did a gig with that name) and then The Flying Tigers. Got some great studio tapes from this lineup, circa early 1976. Somewhere in between we were the Zip Guns, got some posters but can't remember any gigs, or anything else from this era. Too much drugs and booze, a total blur. Then in late 1976 changed the name of the band to The Cannibals. The rest is history and the present is still happening. We are still playing...2013-14

  13. is possible reupload this album ?
    thanks in advance