Sunday, April 25, 2010

White Trash Soul Sampler Vol. 1

I always dug home-taping. When I was in my teens i did all the time C-60 TDKs for chicks or friends. It's a cool way to saw who you really are. Some people do it with poems, some other with letters but me with tapes...or CD-R's when we inducted to the digital age. The last few weeks except for the day by day less time (blame it to my job) i had to arrange some things for my wedding. One of the things that got on my shoulders was the party's soundtrack. Of course if it was in my hands only, the things will be a lot easier but it's NOT! I have to please everyone, our parents, our friends and all the guests... So who left to understand totally what I'd like to hear or dance to? You people. Visitors of this blog are at least same minded lads. So i thought to try a first take on a floor filler soundtrack with some tunes out of my thousands favorites. Hope you like it!
Let's see what we got here :

01. Bern Elliott & the Fenmen - "Nobody But Me" : A classic rhythm & beat group from Kent, England. Like many other bands of the era have tried their luck in Hamburg, Germany. Also like many other beat bands of the era signed by DECCA and released two singles and one EP. Although they hit high on charts (both singles on top 30) soon disbanded. Wally Waller and John Povey moved after to the Pretty Things. The rest is history. All tracks the band recorded, to these ears are EXCELLENT! The Isley Brothers track gets the best performance ever! No my friends it wasn't the best by the Human Beinz n' if you don't believe me, take a good listen here. The ultimate party starter!
02. The Fleshtones - "Ride Your Pony" : In a time when most (if not all...) garage bands tried to found and play the most curious 60s punkers, these New Yorkers put on Lee Dorsey and a highly energetic soul stomper! Still the best party band in the world! If  i had the money or the chance, I'll hired them as my wedding band... Ah and Peter Zaremba's fringe is still a fetish!
03. Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - "Too Many Fish in the Sea/Three Little Fishes" : The Ultimate White Trash Soul singer! The best white soul / rock n roll singer! The best ever came outta Detroit! If ever your party goes to hell and the people gets bored, just put this fucker on stereo and let him do what he always did best...throwing a party!
04. Thee Midniters - "Jump, Jive & Harmonize" : Hispanic causin' panic! Forget all latino rock n' roll bands you know. I know there are many good of them but NONE like thee Midniters! Savage n' loud rock n' roll at it's finest! Only the Sonics could matched them in their heyday. You really need more?
05. ? & the Mysterians - "Sally Go Round the Roses" : My fave execution of the song. Many tried it, many succeed and many failed. Question Mark is the father of Iggy. I saw the truth one night on my dream and I'm totally sure about it! They kick ass after all these years! White Stripes? Black Lips? C'mon gimme a break!
06. The Five Du-Tones - "Shake a Tail Feather" : A classic made known to most of the world through the legendary Landis' movie The Blues Brothers. This excellence penned and produced by Mr. Rhythm himself, bad motherfucker Andre Williams! Bad ass track tailor made to shake asses in the nights! Still shakin' after all these years!
07. The Egyptians - "Party Stomp" : Don't know shit about them! I think were from Detroit. Sure were from Detroit, cause only this city creates sleazy sounds like this one! I'm sure Jim Marshall knows more about them and hopefully in the near future write something for them. However this is a hell of a filthy song! Put your gal do you a striptease under this background!
08. Elvis Presley - "Do the Clam" :  The King's music in his "Hollywood" days was full of shit! Some tracks though were trashy and you know, i fuckin' love trash! This is from the "Girl Happy" movie and the song is pure filth! This gem should have been included on the Las Vegas Grind compilations, period!
09. Jerry Lee Lewis - "Shotgun Man" : How many times have you heard the Killer do a soul stomper? Not many huh? Well, this is your last chance baby n' i tell ya, he's on fire!
10. Derek Martin - "Daddy Rollin' Stone" : I learned this song from Johnny Thunders! This is the original version and it's one of my favorite soul tracks ever. A song about real men.
11. Tommy Louis & the Rhythm Rockers - "Wail Baby Wail!" : Wherein Tommy Louis put Kid Thomas! A frenetic rock n roller with best ever guitar solo! This man makes guitar cheep wild!
12. Bunker Hill - "The Girl Can't Dance" : Quite simply the BEST ROCK N ROLL SONG EVER! Bunker Hill imitates Little Richard and makes him look like a wimp! 400 horsepower speed and the backing band is Link Wray & the Raymen! Again, you really need more?
13. Little Luther - "Do de Squat" : Also here don't know shit! I learned the song from the version that did the A-Bones with the Great Gaylord and it's an R&B winner!
14. Mickey Lee Lane - "Hey Sa-Lo-Ney" : The best ebony song a white dude wrote(?)! To this day a floor filler among few! Ask the guys at the Northern Soul scene.
15. Lonnie Youngblood - "African Twist, Part1" : Don't know if he's the same super-cool saxman known mostly for working with Hendrix, Jackie Wilson and James Brown. Put the shame on me and correct me if I'm wrong here. All i know is that the song's a bad ass boogaloo and made to move your feet any time plays.
16. Andre Williams - "Sweet Little Pussycat" : Ssssshhh. The dirtiest of them all! Hats off to Mr. Rhythm.
17. Little Richard - "Soul Train" : The true king of rock n' roll on a later funky as fuck moment! When it comes for Little Richard you know there's no way to stand still. Otherwise you're dead!
18. The Charmaines - "I Idolize You" : Gigi and the Charmaines improved so good on Ike's and Tina's classic that it got to be heard to be believed! I think it got the best break ever recorded on a soul mover!
19. Lavern Baker - "Think Twice (Version X)" : Hilarious, marvelous, dirty, sexy and gritty! Two monsters on the same space!
20. Gino Washington - "Romeo" :  That's Gino with an "I" and don't mess him with Geno Washington made known in England and adored by the mods. A true Detroit legend in every sense, best remembered for "Out of This World" and "Gino Is Coward" rollers. Here delivers a lesson of how a great soul floor shaker must sound!
21.The Mighty Hannibal - "Somebody in the World for You" : Mighty Hannibal is a forgotten jewel on soul and R&B music. He must be one of the first people that played or create funk! This is my favorite from him.
22. The Velvelettes - "He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'" : Of the Motown gals i really dig! That "bop-bop-shookie do-wop" makes me crazy!
23. Eskew Reeder -"Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean" : Esquerita on a weird re-edition of Ruth Brown's song. Cool!


WTS Sampler Vol.1


  1. very-very "nice" comp. Way To Roll, my man!
    Thanks Moe

  2. Damn, just reading the playlist has got me up and dancing! Can't wait to actually hear it.

  3. Really, really good! A million thanks for all of this. Keep 'em coming! Great site!!!

  4. Hi,
    great comp and great taste.
    90% of the records here could also come from my boxes.
    Do it again ...


  5. Hey guys! Thanks a lot! I didn't expect to like it so much! I'll try it again sometime. Thanks for visiting this space.

  6. Super cool! You sir, have excellent taste. Thank you very much for the high quality rips, I was able to replace a lot of my gnarly copies....

  7. Nice though leanin a bit heavy on the "haywire hall o' fame comps" thing. Only one I donut have is the 1st track. Jess ta let ya no bout the Bunker Hill...I dun tried several timez ta make that thing werk at parties cuz ya think it wood but as one fine yung lass once toll me "it's too frantic, Stymie". Sumtimez less be mo'.

  8. Thank you!!! your blog is fantastic and this comp kills!

  9. Fucking amazing. Thank you.

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  11. Just listening to this now. Great stuff. Can't wait for v2. Thank you.

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