Saturday, October 9, 2010

Various Artists - "All Night Soul Stomp! Dancefloor Boogaloo Romp!" (Stomp, 19??)

If you make a quick google search on the words "Boogaloo" or "Shing-a-ling", words indissoluble linked with black music and especially R&B and rock & roll, you'll be founding out that the origins or maybe, the real reasons these created was about Latin music! Yes Latin! Personally speaking always, i have a thing with boogaloo. If it comes for these soul stompers, i'll go nuts! I'll go crazy for this "between eras" output of black bad asses, that had their one leg strongly stamped on the frantic R&B territory and the other in the soul dance-floor burners! You might call it "Soul & Roll" as well.
I'm for sure a huge Soul adoring individual, but i must give the credit for getting me into this ass moving dynamites, to the Slow Slushy Boys from France. What a fuckin' great band! If you haven't already checked them, please do it immediately! Then came the absolutley FANTASTIC compilations like "Shakin' Fit", "Pow City", "Hootchie Cootchie", the "Buttshakers" volumes or the "Downtown Soulville" and that was it, i was a proud carrier of the virus! And this one, it's another one that kicks some serious asses. It's not an 'out of print' platter or CD (i guess) but it's not also an easy item to catch, even via the net. Sad, but don't worry. What in the hell "White Trash Soul" would be this place if it hadn't got it in order to infect you too with this germ, huh? A killer no filler collection of RARE as hell 45s by artists mostly known to collectors or the fans of this 'genre'. Hats off to this Belgian company (if it's not really an excellent boot) for gathering so much hotties in a single disc (well, i guess again that the LP version was a double vinyl, but anyway). King Coleman, Phil Flowers, Chet 'Poison' Ivey, Russ Lewis, the International Kansas City Playboys, the Emperors (of "Karate" fame!) even King Little Richard, made a swirl in here! Believe me people, all these artists were at least equal or for better, created equal dance floor mayhem just as Sam & Dave did! If you're planning a party this weekend, put this on, dance like a monkey and have on drink on me!
320 Kbps  

Boogaloo Romp! 


  1. Of course this and all the other similar comps like this were put out by those associated with Crypt. But I'm sure we already know this.

  2. Gyro! Where have ya been mate? Believe it or not, didn't know this..! Why this MASTER called Tim Warren, didn't gave us a sign for all these EXCELLENT comps?

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  5. I agree apollojams, all these you just wrote are:
    2nd MUST BUYs!

    So, of the similarities that exhibit of the above compilations, there must be also a CRYPT disguised product, the "Jump & Shout!" comp, right?

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  7. What about "Jerk, Shake & Vibrate!"? Is that one of the 'secret Crypt' releases too?

    I have "The Get It!" and it's more funk/soul than straight soul.

    Anyway, keep up the good work Mihaleez!

  8. Oh! And I can't believe I forgot about "Shakin' Fit," the GREATEST of the 'maybe Crypt' soul compilations!
    Standin' on the Corner!
    Mo Gorilla!
    Hey Sa-Loh-Ney!
    Boss With The Hot Sauce!
    Heart Attack!

    "Shakin' Fit" and "Show Me What You Got" are essential soul compilations for sure!

    P.S. Notice that Chet 'Poison' Ivey is listed on the cover of "All Night Soul Stomp," but on the actual disc he is nowhere to be found! He does have a cool song called "Poo Poo Man" on the "Pow City" comp, though!

  9. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately not much time around. So...
    @apollojams: I got all those volumes, so wait a little and you'll see it here.
    @anonymous: Don't know mate a thing 'bout "Jerk,Shake..". I got it from Twilightzone in a small bitrate to see how it works and it's one of those comps on my wishlist. When i get it, i'll let you know. As far for "Shakin' Fit" i agree with you. It's fuckin' amazin! A sure thing for a wild party! That's by Candy Records and i don't think Tim Warren has relation to it, except maybe for remastering some 45s for it. He's behind "remastered" 45s on MANY releases! I don't have yet 'Show me What You Got" either, but it's by Candy too and it's the third volume i guess on these series (the first was "Whip it on 'em" on LP,which Shakin Fit CD includes i think in its entity). Oh, and you're damn right bout Chet Ivey! i didn't have notice this thing myself! Kudos!
    Thanks for stopping by guys!

  10. can someone reupload this comp?