Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reverend Charlie Jackson - "God's Got It/Fix It Jesus" (Booker 07) & "Wrapped Up and Tangled Up in Jesus/Morning Train" (Booker 434 - Sometime in the early 70s)

OK, I’m no religious person at all.
I’m not sure if God exists or not and in general my whole attitude on this ancient debate it’s a bit anarchic or at least skeptic.
Anyway, I always liked the gospels. I never got deep into this genre, so I’m a little bit scared to touch my hands into and tell something on subjects that surely don’t know well. As it always happens with Jim Marshall (or The Hound for those in the ploy) when he put on on something, I’m takin’ lessons and holding notes. As far now for gospels, I finally found a place to start my journey cravenly and slowly. Jim's post on gospel and guitar evangelists still remains my favorite and you know what I mean when I use the word “favorite” on a Hound’s piece, right? You should check it swiftly (here)!
So, I got a question. Could it ever be a gospel song (or album) in a state of devilry ablaze? 
Fuck YES! If we are talking 'bout the case of Reverend Charlie Jackson, well - something’s “wrong” going on here obviously. This is the “punk rock” of the gospels. He had a filthy strong voice, just like if Bunker Hill was a preacher (hmmm, as a matter of fact I think I read somewhere that Bunker Hill did sang the gospels actually) and he played the guitar just like Skip James or Willie Dixon. No shit! The man created mayhem with these two weapons and definitely no spiritual music! At first, Booker label got him on and released through it 6 or 7 singles. For some reason unknown to me at this moment and in a pure D.I.Y. manner, got formed his own label - named what else, Jackson, and continued to cut sides there. Most of 'em given to the pilgrims of his church and I'm quite sure all these now are collector's items. Don't bother try find them. Crypt and Casequarter gathered most of 'em if not all (don't know yet - sorry for the misunderstandings here, this piece written without my LP copy on my hands) and released 'em on LP and CD in correspondence.
I ripped this two Booker singles from a CD-R that's written and send it to me from an unknown friend in Germany (thanks a million!) and as you might guess, instantly i did two things. First to order an LP copy and 2nd, to write this piece. Hear for your self and judge, but personally i don't believe that exists a "gospel" record or artist more fuzzed out and primitive than this or better these! 
God's Got It!
PS1: For more Reverend Charlie Jackson and a different "Wrapped Up in Jesus" version, later recuted on his own Jackson label, go to excellent Kogar's Jungle Juice blog and read/hear this.
PS2: The Black Crowes on their last album, covered "God's Got It" with decency. Extra kudos for this, even though i already dug them. 
PS3: Did they ever heard some of these records if not all, The White Stripes or the Black Keys? I hope not, cause if they did, they already know that never gonna get a sound like this, not even in a hundred years!


  1. This is a mighty fine record! Good Gawd!


  2. Gavrako pare ton Reverend live sthn TV na xeis:

    Reverend Charlie Jackson "Wrapped Up And Tangled Up"

    Voitheia mas!


    PS. To Savvato den tha sas swzwei oute o Reverend apo thn orgh tou Djibril! :)))

  3. Hey! Pou 'sai re Johnny? Ola kala file? O mikros sou? Eho pathei plaka me ton Reverend! Ti MC5 kai true testimonials, edo milame gia to real thing! Tora oson afora to Savvato, krata mikro kalathi giati sas vlepo pali me katevasmena kefalia. Alitheia re file, aftos o Djibril tha valei kana goal pote se derby...? Valte ta dynata sas, giati ohi mono exete 4 eti na mas nikisete, oute goal den ehete! haha! Kala na pernas file kai elpizo na se do apo konta afti ti fora stous Sonics h ston Rocky!

  4. Hello, loving the blog!

    Some new garage sound you may be interested in on youtube!

    Willy Moon 'I Wanna Be Your Man'


  5. another jaw-droppingly intense electric gospel artist is Boyd Rivers- he has half-a-dozen tunes on the album "Living Country Blues USA Vol. 11".

    some of the best stuff i've ever heard.

  6. Awesome post, thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Oh yeah, you's be a-gettin' taught real good like about God in my music video

  8. Mihali, sto'xa pei gia ton Djibril...
    Kai me rwtages ena tha valei kana goal se derby.
    Elpizw na lythike h aporia sou! :)

    O mpempis einai mia xara, megalwnei kai trwei ton ampako!
    Vlepw pws kai o dikos sou einai mia xara! Apo ta t-shirt pou fora vlepw oti exei agries diatheseis!

    Oso gia ton Reverend ti na pw...???
    Praise The Lord!!!

    PS. Pali bravo gia to blog!

  9. Re file ok, den peirazei, an einai ana 6 xronia na mas kerdizete kai ana 4 (mia olympiada etsi...
    ?)na mas vazete kai kana goalaki, halali sas. Kai as einai kai o referee proin organomenos sas...
    Ti na po kai ego, etoimazomai gia deftero pitsiriki!
    File se efxaristo poly gia ta kala sou logia, exoun axia an einai apo atoma san esena (kai as einai kai vazeles!).

  10. amazing! thanks for turning me on to this. love your site you really dig the cool tunes. boogie on motherfucker...oh yeah and praise the lawd!!!

  11. Ellinas pou akouei Gospel edw eimaste!!!!! password den vriskw

  12. Kalws ton! Den vazw password aderfe pouthena. To vriskw hlithio na theleis na moirasteis kati kai na to kleidwneis.