Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eddie Bo - "In The Pocket With Eddie Bo" (Vampisoul, 2008)

In my mind there's no underrated R&B artist ever, than Eddie Bo (along with Eddie Taylor - my two Eddies). Eddie was sadly in the package of the least known greats. A funkster and a soulman, a rock n' roller and boogaloo-er, there's really no piece of black music that didn't touch his talented hands on. And what was created by these, were at least perfect examples of what New Orleans' music parade had to offer. Everybody knows Little Richard's "Slippin' & Slidin'' I'm sure. Does everyone know that was actually an Eddie Bo's tune (a local hit on Apollo under the title of "I'm Wise")? From 1955 to his recently departure, he had recorded and changed more than 40 record labels. From Ace and Apollo to Chess, Backbeat or Instant, Eddie created quite simply; sounds cool enough to move your body and touch your soul. He had worked also with great musicians of the era or the region such as Johnny Adams, Bobby Williams or Art Neville, but still remained a man behind the curtain and the headlights. Eddie was a unique mixture of voodoo rhythms and this compilation is as far as I'm able to know, the best way to start and to finish an important but yet criminally overlooked journey in New Orleans music tradition. If you wanna go deep down and dirty, well, here's your pill!
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In the Pocket with... 

PS:  Check here Soul Generation's brilliant feature on Eddie Bo.


  1. Thank you. I've liked this a lot. Fantastic.

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  3. Hi apollojams! No mate, all these links deleted by the dorks of the music industry. At some point i was ready to give up the whole thing... It was no point at it! You know, the 'i fought the law and the law won' same old cliche... Anyway, I'll try to re-up as many as i can at some point mate, but believe me not much time around this period. Stay tuned though... Cheers!

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  5. Hey there,
    it's only right this link was deleted. the compilation you seem to have liked so much was made and issued by an independent record company who invests a lot on bringing out this music we all love so much. if it weren't by guys like them, you wouldn't be simply able to listen to it. You're not talkin bout Warner or any other major, but people who instead of just opening a blog and ripping other people's work actually does something real.