Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Whatever Happened to: New York Dolls by Morrissey - Look At The Time issue #1 (1977)

Hi-Res, click to enlarge

Hi-Res, click to enlarge

Scans by Jake - Thanks for sharing 

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  1. Where did you get this from man! - this article was written for and appeared in MY fanzine KIDSTUFF. The scans are even from the originals I typed out in my bedroom in my Mum's house. I used to know Morrissey when he was just Steve from Manchester. A fellow lost New York Dolls fan - before he ascended to Peppermint Heaven and became a cultural icon (Personally, I was never convinced. He just made me laugh a lot) Fuck! this takes me back! Always loved your blog by the way. Pity there's been so few entries of late. Still we're all getting older. People die and fewer remember. Thanx for this - MIDWINTER