Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sinatra 100 and the revenge of Rock & Roll!!!

Sinatra hated rock 'n' roll so naturally I should have hated him back, right?! I won't! He was Dino's best pal, and you know what, I LOVE DINO!! He was also a very sharp male and I dig sharp males very much man, especially now in a world full of metro-sexual creatures!!! Rock and roll revenged him anyhow with this little song, he-he... Listen to it and hear the the man struggle with all these flim-flams and bim-bams!!! Great fun and groovy toon!!! 100 years from the birth of legend? Yes!

PS: Special thanks to The Hound for learning me so many things, this song included! I wish this blog was still around...

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