Sunday, November 15, 2015

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - "Vive La Revolution! + LAMF Outtakes" (10", Munster/Skydog - 1999)

This one was recorded live (12/8/1977) by our pet band here at the much talked these days (sadly, for the wrong reasons) Bataclan. Jean-Philippe thought this must be a proper tribute and he was right, so...


  1. in FLAC (passwod: jpstooges):!lFJEjJIQ!tw4HyIt2qwjZyLcyWMvPVYgOdzvTBM5FvXAmKdobVMI

  2. Thanks Mihaleez & JP, here's to better times!

  3. if yer gonna get shot this bataclan. at least see a great band like the heartbreakers rather than some awful death metal band

  4. Mercy bowcups! @chessman - the Eagles Of Death Metal are not a Death Metal band! They are beer, hard rockin' guitars, big tits, and kick fuckin' ass!! TO be honest, they'd be very comfortable on this website!

  5. hi Mihaleez,just to mention a new release incase you dont know it....DR BOOGIE-"Gotta get back to New York City" on dead beat records.ex Fantastic Harlan Jones/Good Time Women.great rnr.check it out if you not already.Dave P

    1. Thanks. I noticed the guys from the social media and if I remember right, with one of them are mutual followers on IG. I will, it was anyway on my calendar. ;-)