Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Bobbyteens - "Fast Livin' & Rock N Roll" (CD, Estrus - 1999)

In diverse with the situation in my country nowadays (key word: dramatic) my spirit's quite alright. After all I get to used to it with all that shit... I belong to the "lucky" 40% of the population that still has a job but we have to fight for all the others that sank long ago and their lives are deep in misery... I think my beautiful family and rock & roll are some real strong weapons to keep me agile and sane...

Anyway,Tina Lucchesi was and still is the coolest/greatest rockarollah of my generation! She drummed, sang and wrote some seriously catchy songs and oh, she supervised a way cool label for more than fuckin' two decades man! Don't wait up from me to tell you the tale, I'm here to provide just a piece from the brilliant route of she and her many outfits.

And so that is The Bobbyteens! An hormone driven underground "supergroup" with all eyes on boys and bubbleglam pop with demented Chuckster licks, sweet and wet 60s girl group vocals ala Shirelles and an full on attractive amateurish delivery. Imagine an updated Nikki and the Corvettes version with a lot of The Dictators early spirit!! If you still trust my taste (and you should, I've never let you down) believe me this is better than Joan Jett and you know what, I LUV Joanie...  Ultra classic 90s debut with Joey Ramone / Greg Shaw 100% approved teen rock & roll!


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  2. Socialist policies are retarded. How many times must history prove that?

  3. we californians love greece!!!!! glad you are okay.

    1. Thanks! It must be the weather or something!! ;-)

  4. I'm not sure I Wanna discuss all this shit with poor Maria, but I'm so ashamed about what's going on in Greece. Hold on guys! Thanks for the Boobyteens

  5. LOL. Russell Quan does kind of look like a girl on this Bobbyteens album cover.