Monday, December 1, 2014

Farewell my friend... R.I.P. Midnight Rambler

This one hit me hard... VERY HARD. I'm totally devastated for a friend I never had the chance to talk to, face to face... Internet age, god bless his digital heart.
We have exchanged much more through the years than just links of cool rock & roll music... What I love the most about this blog thing shit is that I found some very good and interesting persons to communicate, even though I didn't know how they look like... And strangely enough I knew something was wrong the last months cause the posts on Sons of the Dolls spaced out, but I wasn't sure if it was something with health and I was afraid to ask...

On September the 6th on my post about the Babysitters documentary, we had the last quick chat.
"Hi Mihaleez, thanks for the link ! Very good words like always in WHITE TRASH SOUL!" had left me in the comments section and I replied, "Thanks man, without you I wouldn't have had some of the Babysitters stuff... the credit goes to you!". The credit goes to him in fact for a lot more than the Babysitters stuff... Hope he's gonna hang out up there with Johnny and Jerry. Cheers buddy!

My condolences to Patrick's family. He will be missed...


  1. You're right: absolutely devastating news! He made me discover so many good records and i guess we shared the same "spirit"... I felt something was wrong too and sent a message a couple of weeks ago : "I hope everything's alright..." It was not and I'm so sad. Toutes mes condoléances à sa famille et à ses amis. So long Patrick.

  2. Un grand vide sur la blogosphère musicale.
    Mes condoléances à tous ses proches

  3. Pensée pour Patrick et pour sa famille... Rest in peace. Le rock'n'roll perd un grand fan.
    Merci pour ce billet.

  4. I loved Sons Of The Dolls! They/He turned me on to so many under the radar bands of true RnR! RIP my friend!

  5. SoTDs definitely not only turned me on to so many bands, but even more I can honestly say thatI got a million goosebumps from the first time I played a lot of what he shared, and that's like a direct link to him you know. NIEMALS VERGESSEN!!

  6. I feel for you. Long may he run...