Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chuck Berry - "..Berry Is On Top" (LP, Chess - 1959) {US Mono Original Pressing}

On the 18th day of the past October, Chuckster the man, the legend and the rock & roll himself touched the 88! He's just a year younger offa ma favorite team, he-he! Anyway, there's no reason at all to repeat ourselves or any other old cliché about HIM but there's always a good reason for a Chuck Berry post, right? RIGHT!
So, the other day JP mailed me he was busy ripping stuff a friend of his, gave him (btw, many thanks JF!!!). I asked about it and responded among others with this CLASSIC. For a minute the selfish lil' devil on my left shoulder told me to keep it for own pleasure (I mean, it's in fuckin' MONO!!!!) but the angel on the other side reminded me that we 're on a mission from God, so I gave up the idea (I'm Elwood, I always wanted to be Elwood but that's another story). To cut a long story short, this was Berry's third Chess long play - but technically an all the hits at this point gathering plus some more.
The great late Cub Koda once said "If you had to sweat all of Chuck Berry's early albums on Chess (and some, but not all, of his subsequent greatest-hits packages), this would be the one to own."
So what are you waiting for Chrissake? 


  1. Ripped and uploaded by Jean Philippe. Many thanks to JF for the loan!
    [Vinyl rip - 24bit/96kHz]!CNZWyJAb!HJht7VJkm2IH4pFPUvIhTr2UFaPVa9G5Tz_P-tj9qXI

    Password: jpstooges

  2. Download is corrupted for me. :(

    1. Try again mate, I've just tried it and it worked for me.

  3. Oh man, please re-up. I'm sorry I missed the first time around!