Sunday, August 17, 2014

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - "D.T.K. - Live at The Speakeasy" (LP, Jungle/SMS - 1982 ~ Japanese press )

I was thinking on my way home that Billy Rath died on the same day as Elvis Presley and almost immediately came a second thought about the last chapter in Legs McNeil/Gillian McCain brilliant book, "Please Kill Me"... For those haven't read it yet, Chapter 44 is closing the book and has Jerry Nolan on his last legs, terribly sick and lonely right after Johnny's death, thinking about the past. In between many things, he remembered he attended a young Elvis show (he was ten at the time) that changed his life ever since... What a strange coincidence..? What a stunning afterword... Well, that's probably the most haunting, otherworldly rock & roll writing ever put on paper and for sure my favorite... Read it and you'll understand what I'm trying to say now... My partner, JP was informed about Billy's passing from our blog. Then mailed me this as a White Trash Soul tribute. I couldn't have think something better, buddy!

Jerry & Billy at Hotel Stadt in Västervik, Sweden 25/7-84 - Taken from The Waldos Facebook page


  1. The Heartbreakers - D.T.K. Live At The Speakeasy (1977) [vinyl rip - 24bit-96kHz] {Japan pressing} - Ripped & uploaded by Jean-Philippe

    password: jpstooges

  2. Thanks for this - I just found out about Billy today. Is this in flac - I assume it is since it's such a big file - too big for me. if it's possible to post in mp3 I'd appreciate it - if not, that's OK - I still appreciate you & your blog (because of your great taste!).
    Thanks again!

    1. I'll make an upload in lossy tonight hopefully, so keep checking Tommy. Cheers!

  3. Thank you guys. This is one of my fav. Heartbreakers live recording! Just got back from vacations today and learned about Billy... Fuck! Everybody should read "Please Kill Me", it's the best antidote to our sadness.

  4. Would really appreciate a reupload for this, since this is the best live record of all time imho. Thanks!