Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Boyfriends (USA) - "I Don't Want Nobody (I Want You)" / "You're The One" (7" Single, Bomp - 1978)

I was checking up lately some old stuff and came to this great band and single. The Boyfriends from New York had some great power pop blood running through their veins (The Poppees) and as a result of this, some more great tunes! This Bomp seven inch has a special place among my favorites for what is known to this day as 'powerpop'. The reason why is not that difficult for someone to imagine it when the needle make its dive. Cause both tracks are some great examples of raw pop & roll jewels with a heavy Heartbreakers influence upon them. And on "I don't want nobody" exists this great Stooges drum beat ruffle ("No Fun" obviously) - elevating the song in the 'irresistible' heights of sentiments! As far as I know they had another one on Signal (1981, "Wrapped Up in a Dream" / "Same Old Song") which was equally good but clearly in more pop oriented paths. But this...WOW! Imagine Johnny Thunders' gang with all their girly pop influences up front and you're in. No wonder really why the Ramones chose to cover an unrecorded gem of theirs for the 'Subterranean Jungle' ("I Need Your Love"). Joey was nuts about pop vignettes like these, and so am I !!!



  2. Thanks for this. The pop-up ad with the download was a bit EEEK!!! Will make sure not to download when wife and kids are in the room.

    1. Ouch...Sorry man. I’ve installed on my browser a while back something that kills a good 99% of pop-ups and since then I don’t know actually what a ‘pop-up’ is!!! Due to this never had the chance to see it…. It was good at least, hehe!? ;-)

  3. Cheers dude, always some top stuff on here.

    Thought you'd like to know that Gunfire Dance featuring Oz n Birchy are playing The Wagon & Horses in Digbeth, Birmingham on the 16th of February.Should be a humdinger!

  4. Hey man,

    You might be interested in this:

    Cheers Dave

  5. Hey, got the urge to start a forum, you know to chat about Rock N' Roll and stuff. Just wondering if anyone here would be interested in joining?

    Ain't many places online to talk about Rock N Roll..


  6. Well, there are a bunch of people at the Johnny Thunders forum that love to talk Rock 'N' Roll. Too many forums in this damn world!!