Friday, May 18, 2012

Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry - "Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry" (Cherry Red, 1995/2007)

Ha, talking about an album here! What’s frustrating are its origins... Cherry Red's website and CD's booklet says that this at first was a work in progress for Casino Steel (Hollywood Brats/The Boys), The Boys' website officially declares that actually was Honest John Plain's project ('One of the Boys' too, also a Crybaby) but in the end came out under Ian Hunter's name in the sign! It doesn’t really matter cause hell yeah, what we’ve got here’s a party in the studio from a personnel of high throwing canons! Is there anyone out there not having a taste for Mott the Hoople? Don’t think so, otherwise sorry pal, you‘re in the wrong blogspot! Just like Slade, I never fit them in the ‘Glam’ area. All those glitters and Bowie connections I suppose were their last attempt to hit big, which happily happened but as much as I like “All the Young Dudes” the same way rate early Hoople period as THE best. The line up is quite impressing and if you do recognize from where all these bandits came from, you‘ll know as well immediately what’s the direction in here. Except for the two aforementioned Boys, there’s a Sex Pistol (Glen Matlock), a true underground legend (Darrel Bath – Dogs D’Amour, The Crybabys, U.K. Subs) plus a Die Toten Hosen (?!). Not bad right? Good time Stonesy, hook laden rock & roll, with a few Dylan-esque aberrancies and a loose feeling is what I have to offer. Anyone interested? 



  2. Hi Mihaleez, please could re-post this album? the link is dead.

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