Sunday, January 15, 2012

White Trash Soul's Previous Year Hot Tenners!

Better late than never, right? I’m a little late on this, just two weeks, but many of the records you’re about to check in the next lines; released in the last days of the previous year and I needed to have some more spins to see if they deserve a place in the top 10 White Trash Soul’s New Releases list or not. I tried not to sift a lot. I mean, a good 90% of the stuff that comes naturally in your mind, are probably those you played and liked the most. One more thing's that some of them are actually 2010 releases, but due to the fact i bought 'em in 2011 makes me wanna put them in here too and i guess that's counting, right? Btw, some of the records listed below haven't got at the moment their 'physical' place on my shelf, but i was able to hear them, take a bite and put 'em on my 'following strikes' from (guess where?!) downloads and that's the reason why downloads do exist. Advertising! OK narrow minded people behind a desk? So, in no particular order these are the White Trash Soul quality approved selections. Go make 'em yours and you won't regret! 
PS: For any arguments, derelictions or just your point of view, there's this little button down there saying 'comments'... Feel free to post whatever your point of view is!

New Releases
  • The Dustaphonics – ‘Party Girl’ (King-A-Ling)
  • The Buttshakers – ‘Headaches & Heartaches’ (Back To Mono)
  • The Excitements – ‘The Excitements’ (Penniman)
  • The Phantom Keys – ‘The Real Sounds of…’ (Screaming Apple)
  • King Salami & the Cumberland Three – ‘Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers!!’ (Dirty Water)
  • Brandy Butler & the Fonxionaires – ‘Don’t Want Nothing’  (CopaseDisques)
  • V/A – ‘Mojo Presents: Sticky Soul Fingers – A Rolling Stones Tribute’ (Mojo) 
  • J.C. Brooks & the Uptown Sound – ‘Beat of our Own Drum’ (Vampisoul)  
  • The Morlocks – ‘Play Chess’ (Popantipop)  
  • T-Model Ford & the Gravelroad – ‘Taledragger’ (Alive)

    • Barrence Whitfield and the Savages – ‘Barrence Whitfield and the Savages Plus 10 More for the Pot’ (Ace)  
    • Melvin Davis – ‘Detroit Soul Ambassador’ (Vampisoul)  
    • The Fleshtones – ‘Roman Gods / Up-Front EP…Plus’ (Raven)  
    • The Outta Place – ‘Monaural’ (Screaming Apple)  
    • DMZ / Lyres – Radio Demos / Live at Cantones, Boston 1982’ (Munster)
    • Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs - The MGM Singles (Sundazed)
    • Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City - Restored, Remixed, Remastered (Bomp)
    • Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley's Beach Party (Hip-O)
    • John Mayall - So Many Roads, An Anthology 1964-1974’ (Universal)
    • Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightning, The Complete Chess Masters (Hip-O)

    • V/A – ‘Jerk. Boom! Bam! Greasy Rhythm N’ Soul Party, Volumes 1’ (Jerk Boom! Bam!)  
    • V/A – ‘Jerk. Boom! Bam! Greasy Rhythm N’ Soul Party, Volumes 2’ (Jerk Boom! Bam!)  
    • V/A – ‘Jerk. Boom! Bam! Greasy Rhythm N’ Soul Party, Volumes 3’ (Jerk Boom! Bam!)  
    • V/A – ‘Jerk. Boom! Bam! Greasy Rhythm N’ Soul Party, Volumes 4’ (Jerk Boom! Bam!)  
    • V/A – ‘R&B Hipshakers Vol. 2: Scratch That Itch’ (Vampisoul)  
    • V/A – ‘Mr. Hot Shot Present: The R&B Review Vol. 2 (3&4 for vinyl version)’ (King Novelty)
    • V/A - !Chicas! Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974 (Vampisoul)
    • V/A - Buttshakers Vol. 8’ (Mr. Luckee)
    • V/A - I Hate Cherries Vol. 2 (Sleazy)
    • V/A - Jukebox Jam! (Jukebox Jam)

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