Friday, October 7, 2011

The Five Aces - "Shout & Shimmy" (Saagaloo Records, 2007)

Hey, it's Friday. Even if you're not in the mood, Fridays almost always work fine to your cheer, right? And if anyone of you people going to have a party this weekend, make sure not forget to put this thing on. Damn, i still haven't found it on CD (dissapperead from the face of this earth quite quick). All i got is this compressed version but it works just fine til the time this pep pill come finally on my hands. You know, i usually write my own opinion for what i like to present, but Mark Lamarr covered me entirley with the following piece. Wickedly sinister Hammond hard driven and at the same time, suave pre-Soul R&B, to do the boogaloo! File Under: Sharp dressed ass shakin'! Give yourself a spin.

"Imagine the Small Faces meeting the Poets and jamming with Chuck Berry and John Lee Hooker at a late night 60's blues session. THAT is the Five Aces." - Mark Lamarr, BBC Radio



  2. Yes, yes! Thanks!