Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thee Mighty Caesars - "Caesar's Pleasure" (Big Beat, 1994)

I’m sure I told you this before but I’m never bored to repeat myself in some things. For White Trash Soul  there are only two people who can wore proudly the tag of the true mastermind behind the 80s whole "garage revival" movement/trend: Jeff Connolly and Billy Childish. And as much I complain for the first one for not having much recorded work out in the streets often, I do the same from the opposite for the second! It’s quite impossible to have all recorded output by Billy gathered in your record vault. And to tell you the truth you don’t have to. There are Childish works that’s (obviously) essential and there are those who simply are an unnecessary overproduction (not sonically speaking of course). I mean, I rate the man very high and he’s for sure one of the more influential figures the last 20 years but as a punk rock monolith he is should have probably know better the old punk moto of “Less Is More”, right?
But enough with complaining let’s start on what I’d like to do. I haven’t decide yet if I do it in a row or with spaces, but I want to bring you in touch with some of the best songs and groups Billy got  involved through the years, one way or another. And that means the Pop Rivets, the Milkshakes, the Mighty Caesars, the Headcoat Sect, the Delmonas etc. For sure my favorites are the Caesars and the ‘Shakes. Primitive, raw, cheap recorded rhythm & blues and rock & roll, the way 50s masters taught us. The Mighty Caesars were the punkier approach of these elements. Imagine the Damned of the first record trying play 60s R&B (where's "B" there's BEAT!) with Kinks riffs and you’re in! I’m not on the Mummies’ mind but I bet my Link Wray long plays that the Caesars were if not the basic blueprint of their sound, then one of the most important. The band was born from the ashes of the Milkshakes minus one guitar. This line up hold up for just the debut release and from their second, came to fill the drum stool no other than the ex-Prisoners hipster Graham Day! By the time the two cool chicks (Sarah of the Delmonas an' Fay Hallam of Makin' Time) came to picture, Thee Mighty Caesars were the best yet criminally ignored garage punk outfit around the globe! Make some noise and hail to Caesar!

-image taken from and the Young Pennsylvanians Weblog-



  2. i definately prefer the caesars but,still love the shakes.
    Wouldnt mind to live solely on a diet of Childish tunes bring them on!thanks a bunch!!

  3. OMG! The girls on the top photo are naked.

    Cassy from Learn How To Play Lead Guitar

  4. Very good alboom. Thanks!!! Alex.

  5. If you like Thee Billy Childish check out this page on facebook
    hope that link works ? Thee Wild Billy Childish page has different records posted every day and todays record is indeed Thee Caesars !