Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Nomads (US) - " From Zero Down" (Crypt LP 006, 1985)

''Here 'tis at long last a full - length long player chock - fulla primitive, raunchy rockin', most of it in its first airing to the public cauz these songs were never released. Mount Airy, North Carolina is a quite southern town - at least it was until 1966, when four teenage outcasts began rockin' up a torrent of sounds to get the world off their backs, swing with chicks, make some dough and most of all, have fun. The Nomads played all summer at roller rinks, Elks lodges, and a whole slew of bars throughout the upper reaches of North Carolina and southern West Virginia. In March, 1966 they recorded a batch of demo songs at the basement Stark studios. These songs make up most of this album. In Summer '66 they re-recorded and released two songs on a 45; "Not For Me" and " How Many Times". No big chart action resulted from this 45, and they held off from recording again until April 1967, with the release of the awesome "Thoughts of a Madman" / "From Zero Down" 45 for Tornado records. The group started to split up in late '67 due to college, Vietnam and jobs. So, we present the full recorded history of one of America's great lost garage punk combos.''
That's a piece from the back of this GRRRRRR-eat record (and one of the first numbers for Crypt). I didn't bought it at the time came out cause i was too young and the only Nomads i knew was the 'modern' garage outfit from Sweden, but when i first got it on my hands i was totally blown away! All of the back sleeve looked like jumped out pages from an early Kicks mag! The photos, the fonts, the way liners being written - the whole set up! And what's inside, some really hot shot teenage punk of the Kennedy era US! No moptops, no paisleys, just underage filth! The funny thing's that Tim Warren always hated the same named Swedish now legends (and here's maybe the only disagreement i ever had with the master, i really like them!).
By coincidence i was trying to clean up mess on my warehouse the other day and came across to this.

Hahaha! Tim Warren always knew where the true and good punk rock is! Along with the Squires LP, anything by the Lyres, the two Wylde Mammoths, the Devil Dogs, the Raunch Hands and the Dirtys CD, the absolute peak of the Crypt records raw shit output!


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  2. Thanks a lot for this rarity! I really was looking for this album.

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  6. Bruce Evans who was the main lead singer and lead guitarist of The Nomads died from Cancer within the last three years. He was a truly good person and great musician who will be very much missed!!!

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