Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Nomads - "Powerstrip" (CD, World Service/Rough Trade - 1994)

Hi there!
I just figured it out but it's almost a month since the last post...Sorry guys and gals, but too much things going on and naturally no spare time. I'd like to ask for forgiveness all of you guys who sent me an email and haven't replied back yet (I will though) and especially our friend Steve (thanks so much man for the GF stuff, I know I owe you something I promised LONG time ago, but hopefully I'll make it up this weekend). I'm slow sometimes but I never forget. Anyway, this cursed LAMF stuff has haunted us in a way and ever since whatever we tried with JP to touch with our hands stayed in the can. I'm not gonna say much but yes we're almost done for the next WAX hit and we already have another one in plans, so I guess there's life on the planet White Trash Soul/WAX, he he!
The past weekend I went to see the Nomads for the third time. It was pretty good. I mean no-one can mess with time it's obvious and it was quite frustrating seeing them aged, but they made me quickly forget all these stupid thoughts with just one song, actually my fave song ever and these Swedes are totally responsible for saving it from time's lethe! "16 Forever" man and I was such a jerk forgetting a statement supposedly is my life moto..! So, at the end I'm saying just this: If the Nomads ever come to your town don't have second thoughts, go see them. Satisfaction guaranteed as the old song says.
That's my fave Nomads record and the strange thing's that even a 90s release, has the fewer posts around and with dubious quality. I recently found the LP but I'm c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y useless in vinyl rips so here's what a friend of WTS, Pubbi had offered me some months back!

See ya in few days (probably...)




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