Monday, December 10, 2012

Crushed Butler - "Uncrushed - First Punks from the British Underground 1969-1971" (CD, RPM - 2005)

The perfect example of someone being ahead of its time. Of the few bands deserving the tag 'proto-punk'. Legendary Jesse Hector, Darryl Read and Alan Butler's three piece dynamite and predecessors of the Helter Skelter and the sadly underrated Hammersmith Gorillas (later just Gorillas) was probably Britain's own answer to MC5's soul guttering rock & roll (Whaaat? The Deviants? Come on, you must be joking right..?)! Hippie haters and prog-rock's squall enemies, were just what the Tubes immortalized with their classic "I was a Punk before you were a Punk" a few years later...Back to the basics rock & rollers, primal screamers and ex-mod mobsters. Waaaaaaayyy too wild to be compared with any other act of their time. They blew Slade, Atomic Rooster and Mott among many as the story smugly is saying now and they set the parameters for the generations to come (glam, pub rock, punk). Sometimes I really wonder what the public was then thinking by consuming massively Led Zep's pseudo blues crap...? If you think you 're offended by the last statement, stay away - if not, well this is the shit!



  2. Thanks!
    I had this disc years back, somehow it disappeared, and I forgot about these guys.
    So nice to hear it again...

  3. Jesse Hector is one of the true Heroes, the most neglected one I think. Thanks a lot!

  4. The Gorillas refined this and brought Jesse's ideas to fruition. Matt and Gary better suited the songs. Read still thinks it's all about him.

    1. Yeah Mr Anonymous - and at least I put all these recordings together - so that cunts like you - can try and decry me! What your digging is what I got done and out! Hector only concentrated on the Gorillas - CB are and will always be the first and superior - to the later, and watered down version! In fact we have just put out the album in Germany in a full package version on vinyl - which includes Hector and I - in rehearsal in 1998 as CB on DVD! Your mouth is pathetically out of line - and suspiciously biased! CB was formed by Hector, Butler and myself on an equal level, the songs were mainly split 3 ways - and the direction of the group - was way ahead of anyone else in 1969! It was sheep creeps like you - that we were always fighting against! Before you make comments about founder members, like that you put down! Check into the real facts - which you will be able to do in the book I am currently writing on Crushed Butler! In other words Mr Anonymous shout your mouth!

  5. Yeah, this is the real stuff. Factory Grime is meeting the Stooges eye to eye and if this band had been signed by Elektra they would have cult status these days.

    At least they gave us the (Hammersmith) Gorillas and Jesse Hector & the Gatecrashers. Footnotes in the history of Rock 'n' Roll but majestic nevertheless.

    I just love this stuff.

    Hans-Jürgen "sonicsmith-d" Klitsch