Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bad Losers - "Bad Losers" (GMG, 1986)

Hi there! Glam punk anyone? You know, for a quite long period I was hooked DEEPLY with this fusion. My affection for the Dolls/Heartbreakers familia drove me to bought (m)any CDs and LPs with every possible Johnny Thunders/Jerry Nolan clone in it, sometimes with dubious results. This one was one of the best detections, hands down. I believe these Bad Losers should be by now legendary in their country (France) and I really don't know shit about them. Except that they were absolutely fabulous! The Hanoi Rocks reference is not only for the looks. Just like Finnish legends the 'copycat' tag evaporates from the first spin. They know how to filtrate the obvious influences via their own angle and create street rock & roll sounds,
profoundly rooted in the Stones 'Sticky/Exile' era and Mott the Hoople. Their take on "One of the Boys" just rips! Unlike the Heartbreakers, knew how to look for a good sounding result and the presence of Dave Goodman (Sex Pistols) behind the board I believe did justice to their essays. A hidden jewel? Perhaps. For sure a great addition to your record collection, in the shelf you guard the Crybabys and Dogs D' Amour albums!


  1. Ripped by JPStooges in FLAC (not my lousy CD-R copy, ha!):

  2. Thanks a lot !!! I own the LP and it's great. Well, they're not so well known here in France, and when it was released most people didn't understand, at the same time most french bands were trying to sound like the Flamin' Groovies... I think they were from Toulon (somewhere near the french Riviera) but quickly moved to Paris. They also cut a single, that unfortunately I don't have, and that was it. I think one member is still active, don't know what the others have become.
    A few links for info :

    Well , thanks a lot for this wonderful rip, it will be nice to put that into the ipod !!!

    1. Many thanks frumious! I thought they get what they deserved after all these years... I mean, a jerk down here like me knows about and not thir home? Believe me, for years now, Bad Losers got the legendary status in my mind. Thanks!

  3. Guys, I beg you, please re-up! thx in advance!

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