Sunday, February 26, 2012

Johnny Throttle - Maximun Rock N' Roll, No Shit!

They come from London and it's the best punk rock your ears damaged to, for a long time! I had to be more careful with this... You know, Tim Warren doesn't stamp his Crypt cool logo easily. Actually i can't remember what was the last Crypt release in general, before Johnny Throttle's 45.  So, we owe these punks some favor for rejuvenating Tim's interest! And i can't really remember what was the last '77 style punk' LP/CD i bought and when?
I read also that these guys won their medals already in the underground punk scene through their past bands (The Parkinsons, Menace, Shakin' Nasties, Stains, Jackoffs, etc) but i had no idea. Damn, new targets to spend my money to... Their full length debut on Dirty Water rips just by looking at the cover. A classic punk pose in the Ramones/Heartbreakers tradition and it's getting even worse inside. From the grooves pops up the most energetic three chord blast since the Wretched Ones "Going Down the Bar" and "Hey Old Man" 7inches or any of the hubbub the Electric Frankenstein produced! Street punk but with more roll in their punk than rock and with more balls! And if you believe that the Pistols or the Clash in their prime are the key influences you 're WRONG! Imagine Slaughter and the Dogs, the Users, the Kids (from Belgium of course, check out the AMAZING cover of "Job in the City"!!!) with a fair amount of Dead Boys guitar crunch and an Eddie & the Hot Rods over-drive and again you're not even close yet! Not bullshitting you guys, I'm telling you, Maximum Rock & Roll! Have a blast preview with these Stukas in here and go buy their shit! 

 "Job in the City"


"Lost Sputnik"

"Stukas Uber Shoreditch"

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  1. UPDATE! The more I listen to Johnny Throttle’s records the more they remind me of the Humpers! Along with Jim Jones Revue my fave punk n’ roll bands the last 10 years at least!