Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Nomads - "16 Forever/Salvation By Damnation" (7" - Amigo, 1987)

Hi there! Nothing's change, I'm still a bored misanthrope in a phase of self searching... This old records safari i was telling you on the previous post, drove me in places i forgot how great they were. But it's kinda strange to be shown in here... i guess... I mean, I'm in a HUGE Monster Magnet re-appreciation and maybe you can't really understand how much JOY I'm receiving listening to the "Spine of God" or "Dopes to Infinity" albums. I'm feeling like this covertly fag marine on 'American Beauty', full of guilt's being in a pleasure by listening to these new hippie freaks! And let's not forget about Tim Warren... I'm sure he's going to write me off of his books as a true punk n' roll fanatic if he ever read this, but hey -  hedonism is hedonism what can you do, right?
A garage punk band I've always loved and respected, Sweden's boast - the Nomads, never being afraid of fans' clamor. They always loved the Sonics and the Stooges as much as they loved the Blue Oyster Cult. My fave record by them (and they are MANY!) it's the Dictators' lost gem "16 Forever". They taught me the song and wasn't in my hands until recently when the good Norton fellas and their official release, gave the chance to stop my holy grail crusade on this. I still like the statement of the song! "You ain't gonna make a grown-up out of me!". Yeah, I've gotta make my wife listen just once to this song with the hope to stop bothering me for why i still like to wear my converse all stars or band t-shirts anywhere and everywhere. '16 forever' babe, sorry! B-side's "Salvation by Damnation" and it's a damn great song too, but had the bad fortune to be gathered along with the teeniest anthem ever!
PS: I'm cheating a lil bit here, cause I'm too lazy to rip the original vinyl single and what i included it's the (slightly different) album version of the song, but hey it's still great even without these 'annoying' scratches!



  2. Heading off to see Monster Magnet play Dopes to Infinity in a couple of weeks - This is their third time in Australia in 12 months - Mustn't grumble ... Also love The Nomads - First heard Where the wolf bane blooms at 16 ... Think I wanna stay that way for a long time yet. Wished they came to Australia - 25 years of unfulfilled desire ...

    Thanks for all the posts ... I'd forgotten the Wylde Mammoths - how can that be so?

  3. Hey, I've seen Monster Magnet 3 times already and every time was a BLAST! thanks for stopping by here mate, stay tuned!

  4. I still remember the first time I heard the Nomads' 'Don't Tread On Me', listening to college radio in my folk's basement - used to tape the station, had the tape for years until it wore out, the dj followed the track w/ 7 Seconds 'Out of Touch'. In those 5 minutes Van Halen and Genesis were out the window, dove straight into punk, changed my life. Great stuff, thanks for the post!

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