Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Fabulous Thunderbirds - "Girls Go Wild" (Chrysalis, 1979)

I can't see really why people go nuts for Stevie Ray Vaughan. I mean OK, may he was an A grade guitarist, but it never worked for me. Too fanfare and all things i hate generally on the "white blues" bands of the last 30 years, gathered under his wings. More pretentious and poseur than anyone could handle. When i was a little kid, got busted from the hype of SRV and got two albums. Even then, it was difficult to like his Hendrix like mannerisms and by the time heard him destroy (the bad way & with the help of Dick Dale for crisshake!)  "Pipeline", got a marker and once and for all deleted him from my mind's database!
I always  though dug his brother, Jimmy. And yes people, this one is the right one! He really got a huge admiration and respect for Rhythm & Blues, he really played them simple and powerfully and most of all, created a band that at the time (lemme think, why not even today?) were a sunbeam on the hodgepodge! Yes, the Fabulous Thunderbirds got all right elements for picking on a band that played the blues even if their skin were Caucasian. A manic fusion of Rock & Roll, R&B and Blues, with a wailin' harmonica and a tough enough rhythm section. Kim Wilson is another reason to pick on them. Cool as fuck and stormy, lead a band that in a way or another, kick started the whole 80s 'blues revival' thing. Don't know if we should blame T-Birds for this, but one thing's for sure, this debut has enough fire to warm up a city in the winter! If you haven't done it already, well give it a play. They sure blast your speakers off!
320 Kbps

Girls Go WILD!!! 


  1. Had this during those great punk days and loved it then as I do now I agree Jimmy for me is the master...I own up I have a few of his brothers tunes (The far faster Robin Trower!) but I always go back to Jimmy...I bet that house was loud in those days of growing up!...Still loving the posts

  2. Great Recordings from The fabulous Thunderbirds,
    Jimmie is the real deal, along with Texas rhythm section of Keith Ferguson & Mike Buck great.
    couldn't go far short of looking for the other 3 early T- birds records all grade A+ in my book
    thanks for a good write up.