Saturday, May 22, 2010

Various Artists - Northwest Grease (Norton - 2004)

I have said in the past that I'll try not to post many things by labels like Norton or Crypt or Ace or any other like these on the sidebar of the site (check my links for more), but sometimes i just can't help it! I do believe that blogs make the best advertise on labels or releases like this one and i just hope the guys behind them see this prospect from the same view...Anyway, there must be something unique about Billy & Miriam. They're my heroes! They taught me what real rock & roll is and sound like and after all these years still amaze me with every single new release by Norton. I mean, where in the hell these guys found and discovered all these tunes? How do they know so many facts about artists no one else seem to know? One thing's for sure, at least for me are American Music Folklore Scientists and some international organization must pay them (at least RESPECT) for what these people unearthed, saved and gave to worldwide culture. Cause Rock & Roll is culture and Chuck and Bo are equals of  Moliere, Aristophanes and Shakespeare. The 7inch i decided this time to post is a raunchy document of where people like the Sonics or the Wailers drew their influences. Northwest Grease indeed! Don't know shit about these cats on it but Billy Miller surely knows! So, here are what Shadow Norton inked on the back of this fine piece o' vinyl:

"Dig this crazy feast of NORTHWEST GREASE!

The Mighty El Dukes serve up the chilling doo wop original "Walking Beside You" plus a hip take of the Hollywood Flames' "Frankenstein's Den".  Both unreleased chants are taken from a cool Rex Recording Company acetate out of Portland Oregon.

Tacoma, Washington rock n' roll icons Clayton Watson and the Silhouettes first scored in 1958 with the Lavender label waxing "Everybody's Boppin'".  They howled again the following year under the name Lord Dent and his Invaders (so dubbed for Watson's numerous car wrecks) with "Wolf Call" on the Shelley subsidiary of Golden Crest Records.  Here we spin out with "The Greaser", the sleazy flip of their Shelley single.

Joe Boot's boozy 1958 R&B wobbler "Rock And Roll Radio" was released on Seattle's Celestial label and features curiously inaudible vocal group support from the Fabulous Winds as well as backing by Floyd Standifer's jazz ork.  Standifer recalls Boot downing a full bottle of whiskey during the recording.  It might not be a bad idea to follow suit if you're playing along at home.

The cool '56 vintage cover snamp of Tacoma's unrecorded Cool Breezes (with Paul Smith, later of Imperial label stars the Barons) caps off this swank little party package

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  1. Wow! This mini-comp just rules! Norton Rds has to be the best label in the world.
    And your blog has become my favourite one among my list for the past 3 months.

    Keep up the good work Mihaleez!
    (Believe me when I say Rock 'N' Roll is here to stay!)

    Little Big Ian (The Boogie Disease)

  2. Hi Ian! I really got no words thanking you for this. I'm really glad that you like it cause believe it or not, i was a fan of Boogie Disease way before this blog started! Keep the rocks rollin' too lad!