Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Various Artists - Jump and Shout! (J&S Records - 200?)

That's one of my very-very fave compilations. A hot-shit gathering of  greasy R&B and early Soul ass movers like few still around! A flame thrower in the shape of a record (or a compact disc pick what you want). From start to finish a "never let you sit down" grunt, tailor made for go go girls in tight & tiny mini skirts and long & shinny plastic boots! The sloppy feeling at its finest! The ebony sexual-ism at its best! Gems like Baby Jean's "If You Wanna",  Danny Ware's "The Zombie Stomp", Eddie Kirk's "The Grunt" or Larry Bright's "Way Down Home" could have been hits and smashes, if this shitty world ever had any slice of taste! If you're smart for just one time here, prefer the CD version. It has 8 sweaty bonuses in comparison with the LP and guess what, this jerk behind the keyboard bought the vinyl (I'm pretty sure Norton or Crypt mail-orders still got copies, just mail them)...But don't worry, some good lad ripped the CD and saved a lot of my day-by-day less time cause otherwise I had to do it by myself from the long play... Go figure! Anyway, if you ever mate crash with this site, please mail me to give you the credit you really deserve. I found it on an old HD back up drive and posted at all his 224Kbps body movin' glory!

Jump & Shout!


  1. Just great...more more more...You Got Gooooooooood Taste! Lux would say!

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  3. VA: Jump and Shout!, coll, 200_, J&S cd 7006265

    Ya gotta love these numbers, like these guys have put out 7 million comps! IN the old days, it was to give the impression that it was a "big" label with lots of releases, cuz "J&S cd 05" looks kinda rinky-dink, eh? Who knows...maybe it's the guy's phone number! :)

    01 Jesse James: I'm All Right 2:17
    02 Amos Milburn, Jr: Gloria 2:07
    03 Eddie Kirk: The Grunt 2:46
    04 Larry Bright: Way Down Home 1:59
    05 Skip Manning: Ham & Eggs 2:31
    06 Carl Lester & The Showstoppers: When You See Me Hurt 2:17
    07 Louis Johnson: Please Look Out 2:30
    08 Henry Strogin: Misery 2:19
    09 Luis "Blues Boy" Jones: Someway, Somewhere 2:09
    10 The Ruby Lee: I'm Gonna Put A Watch On You 2:02
    11 T.B & The Germs: Jump & Shout Pt.1 2:26
    12 Jim Jackson: Some Love With Soul 2:22
    13 Baby Jean: If You Wanna 1:48
    14 The Ideals: Go Get A Wig 2:08
    15 Joe Johnson: Rattlesnake, Baby, Rattlesnake 2:33
    16 George Hughley & The Cana Rickers: What Did I Do 2:20
    17 Sherman Evans: The Craze 2:11
    18 Danny Ware: The Zombie Stomp 2:21
    19 Ramona Parks: Soul Mate 1:59
    20 Billy Watkins: I'm Tired 2:09
    21 Willie White: 99 Beef Steaks 2:31
    22 Larry Birdsong: Little School Girl 2:06
    23 Ty Turrell: The Scratch, Pt. 1 2:06
    24 Ty Turrell: The Scratch, Pt. 2 1:46
    25 Carrie Grant & The Grandeurs: Mish Mash 2:22
    26 O.V. Wright: Monkey Dog 2:17

  4. Good Music,.... linksss ¿?¿