Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Rolling Stones - Rock N' Rolling Stones (Orig. on DECCA 1972 - Russian Bootlegs 2002)

If you‘re a boot fanatic you are surely aware of the fact that most of ‘em are a piece of shit. Poor sound quality, no liner notes or information and high prices in many cases. The Rolling Stones literally have thousands, and a good 95% belongs to what I wrote earlier… There is a 5% although that’s “money’s worth” and if you call yourself a Stones fanatic, should hunt them in any purpose.
Two months ago I did a piece here for an excellent MONO edition of “Their Satanic Majesties Request…” with bonus tracks, of course a bootleg but in general a release that can easily be a part of your Stones collection.
Of the hodgepodge that passed off my hands through the years, I picked two “series”:
The Mickboy Remasters & the Russian Bootlegs as are largely known through the Stones collectors. The Mickboy series are a different (and VERY interesting) chapter that I probe into some other time. The Russian Bootlegs in most occasions are semi-official (vinyl) releases of the past, now on CD (and not a CD-R) with re-produced artwork of the originals plus bonus tracks, mostly live material.
I don’t have them all of course. There are plenty and change hands mostly through e-Bay in “briny” prices… As a compass I always use the Stones Fan Club site, "It's Only Rock N' Roll" and from the guys there I copy the complete (?) list of the Russian Boots for those who want to know more (click on the images to enlarge and see how the Russian Boots looks like):

CD 1 The Rolling Stones + 8 bonus tracks
CD 2 England's Newest Hit Makers + 10 bonus tracks
CD 3 12 X 5 + 14 bonus tracks
CD 4 The Rolling Stones No.2 + 8 bonus tracks
CD 5 The Rolling Stones, Now! + 9 bonus tracks
CD 6 Out Of Our Heads (USA Edition) + 11 bonus tracks
CD 7 Out Of Our Heads (UK Edition) +12 bonus tracks
CD 8 December's Children + 14 bonus tracks
CD 9 Big Hits (USA version) + 14 bonus tracks
CD 10 Aftermath(UK version) + 6 bonus tracks
CD 11 Aftermath(USA version) + 11 bonus tracks
CD 12 Got Live If You Want It(LIVE) + 11 bonus tracks
CD 13 Big Hits(UK version) + 11 bonus tracks
CD 14 Between The Buttons(UK version) + 7 bonus tracks
CD 15 Between The Buttons(USA version)+9 bonus tracks
CD 16 Their Satanic Majesties Request + 10 bonus tracks
CD 17 Flowers + 10 bonus tracks
CD 18 Beggars Banquet + 7 bonus tracks
CD 19 Through The Past Darkly + 8 bonus tracks
CD 20 Let It Bleed + 7 bonus tracks
CD 21 Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! + 4 bonus tracks
CD 22 Sticky Fingers + 7 bonus tracks
CD 23 Stone Age + 9 bonus tracks
CD 24 Milestones + 11 bonus tracks
CD 25 Exile On Main St. + 3 bonus tracks
CD 26 Rock 'n Rolling Stones + 9 bonus tracks
CD 27 Gimme Shelter + 8 bonus tracks
CD 28 No Stone Unturned + 7 bonus tracks
CD 29 Metamorphosis + 10 bonus tracks
CD 30 / CD 31 Rolled Gold +16 bonus tracks (DOUBLE CD)

This CD, from what is to my knowledge, a UK only release of 1972 (or 1973 there’s a debate here but who cares anyway?), DECCA was behind it and soon after was deleted and never officially re-released. As you can see from the track list it’s a collection of mostly Chuck Berry songs (or Chuck Berry-related) the band covered, and to these ears is the BEST ever compilation for the Rolling Stones especially of the first era! I read in several sources on the net that some copies have mistaken the #5 song (the great “Bye Bye Johnny”) and although it lists the Chuckster’s classic it plays the “We Love You” single...Unfortunately that's true. I replaced the wrong track here but from another boot ("How Britain Got the Blues"). As a bonus, we get a very good live performance in sound quality (and excellent in passion - don’t forget this is from the “Exile on Main St” - era!) recorded at the Royal Randwick Racecourse,Sydney, Australia, 27 Feb.-1973. See track list details also on the back sleeve of the CD.
There’s also an argument by many for this release on the quality of the tracks. I don’t know what are the sources, probably the original vinyl, but I guess with today’s technology miracles can happen and the “Mickboy Remasters” is a good example. My opinion is that all tracks are better sounding in comparison with the official CD re-masters! Give a listen yourself and make a conclusion. One thing’s for sure, this is hot shit and indeed Rock N’ Rolling Stones!

320 Kbps

Rockin' N' Rollin'


  1. It took me two years but I tracked down the whole collection 31 cds.

    They are OUTSTANDING agree with your assessment.

    Only letdown is what do I look for now!

    Cheers, Aussie Steve, Canberra, Australia

  2. no download link - fuck off!