Monday, April 5, 2010

The Great Gaylord with the A - Bones (Norton - 1991)

This is certainly one of my favorite singles ever! A feel good drug in the shape of a 45 rpm record!
The A-Bones are one of my favorite bands ever! Sloppy and noisy beer blast motherfuckers, who are blessed with the knowledge of how to make an ass to shake & shimmy!
A true American original, in the sense of every recently unearthed garage band of the 60s or a good hamburger. Blessed with the knowledge of how to throw a party and how your head might be the next morning. Full of hangover and with no memory at all of what happened in your life the past 8 hours! A gang blessed with the knowledge that the Trashmen, the Sonics, Benny Joy, Hasil Adkins, Andre Williams and the Flamin' Groovies are the real rock n' rollers and even if you have a thousand Fleetwood Macs and Eric Claptons you are not be able catch the fire of a single one above mentioned!
The Great Gaylord is sure the Greatest Lousy Singer of all time! And that's a compliment! I wish the Bones to have recorded more tracks with him! Don't know much about him. I just pray someone to have in his vaults more recorded material with this lunatic! Something like a Rufus Thomas for the 90s!
Listen to this fucker first, run after to the Norton's website and grab this R&B greaser. You MUST OWN music like this!


                                                                       Do the Squat!


  1. I've known Gaylord for years and despite the fact that he's a Mets fan (and therefore a Yankees hater) he's a heckuva nice guy. Funny thing is, if you meet him offstage you'd never think he could be such a wildman behind the mic. He's kinda preppy looking and real mild mannered. Unfortunately I have not heard of there being any other material in the can but he still sings with them occasionally so maybe they'll record some more stuff with him.

  2. Yeah i know. On "Daddy wants a cold beer" liner notes Billy wrote about the songs they played with and left wondering WHY never recorded something more? I wish they'll record some on the future, never too late huh?
    Thanks for stopping by YankeeBoy!