Saturday, April 10, 2010

DMZ - DMZ!! Live!! 1978!! (Crypt - 1986)

If you ever wonder how these animals may sound on a concert, this LP by Crypt tells the story in all Monoman-ophonic glory! Recorded live at Barnaby's, Methuen, Mass. on June 2, 1978 by Erik Lindgren and released on midst of the 80s. All things you're probably imagine are here. Raw and at full speed rock n' roll. Great Monoman originals stripped to the bone plus the unusual for the era covers by bands known only to collectors then such as the Sonics, the Wailers, the Human Beinz and an outta this world execution of Iggy & the Stooges' hymn, "Raw Power"! Unfortunately this gem never re-released by Crypt and from time to time you can see it on eBay changin' hands in salty prices...Hey Tim, why don't you pick on this one? On my recently relocation to our new house this record for some reason slipped and scratched in almost all Side B... For this reason the upload is an old rip of mine on a low 160 Kbps and not in the usually higher quality standards of this blog.
Anyway, a hotshit's always a hotshit and believe me this recording doesn't measured down by compression's algorithms!


  1. I love this lp, I have played it many many times since I purchased it years ago. There was also a 4 song ep released, which is killer as well

  2. Yeah i know i got it too. I didn't post it here cause already done it in the past the cool dude at SONS OF THE DOLLS blog. I'm thinking to post also the DMZ live at the Rat by Bomp! sometime. Thanks for stopping by planckzoo.