Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The New Race - "The First And The Last" (LP, Line Records - 1983)

OK, let me clear this: This blog isn’t dead... I’m just going through a phase of terminal boredom! It happens sometimes, you know…
Anyway, for this post you’ll have to thank entirely Jean Philippe! And I’m sure no introduction is needed by my side cause really does exist anyone (regular visitor of this space or not) not knowing the names of Radio Birdman, MC5 and/or the Stooges? I don’t fuckin’ think so. So, this is an amazing high energy one off document – gathering of teachers and students! Detroit Punk Rock & Roll anyone?!


  1. Ripped and uploaded by JP!!tYUiESBR!xW_jH2jDeLhC4EwgMneSubx0nhl1q1Bnx8LLbfv92ZU

    Pass: jpstooges

  2. Thanks a lot guys! Glad to see that the blog's not dead. Everybody seems so bored these days, living like a dog... Hope friends & family are OK and see you soon buddies.

    1. Hey mate, thank God everything's fine! Hope you're OK too! Cheers!