Sunday, February 28, 2016

Velvet Crush - "Teenage Symphonies to God" (CD, Creation - 1994)

If authentic pop music had a proper revival movement like the garage had back in the 80s, Velvet Crush would have been definitely its Chesterfield Kings or something! A classic power pop band from Rhode Island hooked in melodies and filled with hooks without being/sounding "retro" a bit. Based more though in the U.S. tradition of the genre instead of the Brit, they had both feet settled on what Big Star, the after surf Beach Boys and the early Gene Clark era Byrds have than say the Beatles or the Who. And for these recordings, to yours truly their best effort still, they assorted Mitch Easter for the producer's chair and hijacked for the album title the famous now Brian Wilson quote about "SMiLE", so I guess no surprise at all that this came out from the Creation Records producing line, right?! A really lost 90s classic to be placed along Teenage Fanclub and Gigolo Aunts records. Believe me, the "CONTEMPORARY POP MUSIC" decoration, has a very good reason hangin' up there! Amazing artwork on the sleeve too, I should make a tee someday with this Chucks wearing cool lad, right?!