Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nevermind The Strypes, Here's The 45s!

These 45s fellas are from Carlisle, England and they wore their influences quite proudly on the jacket and the title of their latest EP, "Teenage Depression"! Right?! Tanked up, high octane R&B - the way legendary outfits like Eddie and The Hot Rods and Dr. Feelgood reminded once to the world with mod suits, mop-top haircuts and incredibly good playing for mid teens (all members reportedly are 16)! Great to see young lads pickin' up on rock & roll, instead of corporate precast shit! I mean, GREAT!
Anyway, don't know if there's a 'competition' with The Strypes or something, I guess the media are always in search of such 'rivalries' but I tell you this, if you dig the Ireland's finest you're gonna lose your mind with the 45s! No wonder why Wilko Johnson got them under his wings... As far as I know, they only have two singles on their backs (both great I've download them and they're on a loop in my iPod since) I'm waiting for the "Depression" EP to come one of these days on ma doorstep (use the link on the right to order yours) but I'm still in search of their first one double A-Side killer, "It Ain't Over / Devil of a Woman". White Trash Soul approved combo, can't wait really for a gig and a proper full release!

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  1. Agreed - I saw them on support at the Oysterfleet., Canvey earlier this year, It was for ex-Hot Rods Dave Higgs memorial gig. The 45s got all the right nods and noises from assembled Hot Rodders & Feelgoods in the crowd, If you fancy some more Canvey action - check out our latest podcast which features a live session from West Weston (who's played with E&THR and Feelgoods) - harmonica star of the Wilko/Roger Daltrey LP.

    And then check back a couple of months for The Ends in session, another band of Canvey upstarts....

    Or have you checked Eight Rounds Rapid? You'll love 'em...

  2. Can you tell me where you downloaded the tracks from? These guys are great!!

    1. Soulseek, but I have already both of their slices. Go get 'em while they're still around.

  3. Can you tell me where you downloaded their songs from? These guys are great !!