Friday, April 25, 2014

The Jetboys - "Stealing Lynxx Chase, Vol. 1: Toilet Luv - Live at Gibus 1989" (WAX Tape 001)

Hey there! 

We finally made it! I mean, we tried our best on this for a year or so (maybe even more!) and we ended having as many problems as in all other WAX releases combined!!! Really now, we’re not lazy basterds… OK we are a little, but you have no idea how difficult it was. The whole procedure from the day our friend Steve handed us the tapes (yes, there are more!) waaaaayyyyy back till the proud moment (now!) of the Bobcat Twins first cassette release, many things have happened to delay this project. I'm not even trying to categorize those fuckups they're too many... 
Anyway, we’d like to thank our friend Steve for being patient all this time (a year? more..? I’m afraid to check it…) and Freddy Lynxx for being smart enough to give away those tapes (actually treasures). What my part JP did was only to remove hiss and that with care. We didn't want to ruin anything and we didn't! As the title hints, there's a Vol. 2 in sketch but you have to wait a little I'm afraid... JP has a brand new baby (congrats mate, all the best!!!) rockin' & rollin' his and his wife's nights, but we promise we're not going to delay THAT much  any other time...

As usual no bootlegging on WAX stuff, share and dance freely!


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    320kbps mp3:

  2. Whaouuuu!!!! I can't wait to hear that... I was probably at the Gibus for that gig... I can't remember: too much of too many things at that time; leaved me with a big hole in my head! Well anyway the Gibus was the place to be in the late 80's in Paris: Johnny Thunders, The Jetboys, The Fleshtones, Les Stunners... Thanks a lot, guys & Keep on rockin'!

  3. i have a better tape of this and its a old tape. i thought you guys removed the surface noise?

  4. Is it possible to get the J-card artwork? I'd love to record a tape with this material. Thanks for the effort, guys!

  5. Any chance of a reup of this tape? Would be very appreciated. Thanks.