Sunday, November 17, 2013

WAX's Cramps series were bootlegged, be careful!

Hey, not a usual post this one. I'm away from home for a business trip but along with JP we're working (for a
long time as a matter of fact) on a two set WAX hit, so keep checking we're almost done... We're gonna thank our friend Steve properly when it's time, cause what you're gonna get, is some seriously rare and worth-checking shit! I mean SERIOUSLY!!
Did I just said 'WAX hit'? Look we're not going to stop for some greedy bastards out there on what we're doing, no way. I know you all know, how many love, passion and singularly time we are putting into these WAX projects... And we're doing it cause we like to share stuff that's not available elsewhere. Our intention is similarly to a 'manufactured' release, if not even better with accurate artwork and sound. JP have spent plenty of times hours and hours on sound correction matters. And you know, that's a tough thing cause: 1. We're not pros and 2. We're trying doing it without ruining it. 'Sound correction' for record companies nowadays means in many cases a totally different end result in comparison with what the band have recorded originally. And if you 're a regular White Trash Soul visitor, you know already that we are 100% 'Original Mix' guys and not 'Revisited'... So, at first was this Jap motherfucker who took our 'LAMF Cassette Mix' and without shame, sold it (still doing it...). Of-course he removed any WTS signature from it...This time this jerk wasn't able to remove any of our logos, but that didn't stopped him anyway... Thanks to our friend Rocka Rolla (take a look at our blog & roll section for the cool site under same name), we 've been informed that our Cramps Wax series (My Daddy Drives a UFO Volumes 1 & 2) are sold on iOffer by a prick under 'kickingmozart' name. Since he's a visitor of our blog, I want to inform him about my smelly Cons too... They're not a pleasant situation on somebody's ass... So be careful stupid fuck and remove our stuff from your shitty page cause everything by WAX's created by fans and is shared for FREE by fans... There's something you don't get in the last phrase? It's not difficult to find who you are, you know...
When I get back any deleted WAX release will get the re-up treatment, that's a promise!  And if you ever see elsewhere some prick to sell our goodies, please drop us a line. Help us keep rock & roll at least through here, a leech free situation...


  1. Hell-Ho again friends... Glad to have met ya and yer blog a month ago while doin' some research about who the fuck bootleged "professionally" and sells CD's of my Bordeaux beloved Johnny Thunders tape that you can also find for free on "Sons Of The Dolls Blogspot"... My dog name is Mozart... I'm fucking angry like ya, buddies... I recorded The Cramps gig in Bordeaux 80' and it got the same treatment... If i happen to get more clues, and maybe i have some idea too, i'll let ya know... @mour Jean Pierre. PS yes sorry if my blog is dry since a long time but i'm a lazy sick fuck... Rock and Roll Forever...

  2. Loved your Stooges Raw Power mixes. I just recently discovered your blog and soooo love proto-punk and old R&R, R&B, etc. Several links on your WAX cds have been deleted. Do ya'll think you could repost some of these? Thanx.

  3. OMFG, so many dickheads out there...

  4. so I'm understanding that someone took a compilation you guys made for this site - FOR FREE - and is selling it?
    What a douche nozzle.

  5. Mihaleez-It'll be good to have you back! I look forward to yer new projects and remember-fuck the motherfucking squares forever! Rock & Roll smashes through all rip off artists and assorted leeches, and our best reaction is to rock harder faster and louder like our heroes would have wanted.-Matt

  6. If you find the motherfucka let me know, I'll have a little chat with him... This really sucks! Hold on my friend and long live White Trash Soul & The WAX Projects.

  7. This poor 'kickingmozart' guy is a fuckin' son of a bitch !
    Tous ces connards de sangsues profiteuses commencent à profondément faire chier: j'aimerais bien en avoir un entre les mains !

  8. I discovered your blog and the WAX releases through Henry Rollins writing about the LAMFTMJB compilation in his radio show notes. I immediately came to your site, downloaded that amazing Heartbreakers release and checked out the site a little. Then I downloaded the Stooges EP. Great stuff. I get a full sense of the hard work you're putting into these releases through the presentation and the music itself. Simply great work. I've begun to think of WAX Records as an actual record label where you want to collect all the releases, much like you'd want to get every release Dischord or SST ever put out. It's too bad there are assholes out there bootlegging this stuff and trying to turn a profit off it when that's so far from the overall mission you're on with these releases. Despite the bootleggers, I sincerely hope you re-up these releases again. I've been diligently checking the site out to see if any of the download links are working. I downloaded the Cramps demos disc but the link to the live volume is down, as well as the links to the compilations you did early on. I would really enjoy having a chance to get these downloads, to play catch-up with these releases, and then I will check the site regularly from now on so I don't miss the next one. Again, stellar work. Thank you for what you do here.

  9. Hey lads! Thank you and thankk you very kindly as a well known man used to say...
    All WAX links will be fixed during the holidays due to lack of time. I know I've said I'm gonna do it earlier but, sorry, no time at all.
    We wanted with JP to catch up 2013 for the double shot of our new WAX-ing, but we failed... We 're gonna fix this with the new year's coming...
    Keep checking and keep the rocks rolling!