Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Ramones - "The Ramones" (LP, Philips - 1976 ~ Japan 1st Pressing)

You know already that we don't want or like to post things that's in print or easily approachable. Except to this, there's nothing more to say or add as well... I mean, what in bloody hell should I think of, for such a classic that haven't been quoted earlier? Anyway, if you still want my two cents, here it is: The Ramones fist eponymous long play is perhaps, an eminent reason for rock & roll's salvation back in the dark AOR and prog days of the '70s as the old cliché is still saying! As important for your life, if you consider your self a rock & roller, as your heart, your ears and your dick! The three chord assault magnificence and the very example and meaning of "Less Is More" phrase.The true American rock & roll look up (I mean, Chris Montez! Now that's what I call a good taste!!), the horror movies and comics subculture, the glue - sniffing, the ripped jeans, leather jackets and sneakers (now) fashion trend, the pop tendencies and the need for speed, all of these and more, are gathered in here! If you can't find up right in the front sleeve, the well known Sire logo it's because that's the first Japanese pressing... I'm pretty sure, you get it now (if you haven't by now), why we did those exceptions and offered two kinda 'different' Ramones LPs, right?! He-he...


  1. Ripped and uploaded by Jean Philippe: FLAC [vinyl rip - 24bit/96kHz]

  2. I bought this one in 1976 when I was just 19 years old ! The same year, I saw them In July with the Stranglers and the Groovies at the Roundhouse...
    This lp changed my life forever...and of course this is my favorite Ramones album...
    Thanks for the memories Mihaleez and Jean Philippe ! Thanks also for this good vinyl rip !
    NB: The french pressing of "The Ramones" was also on the Philips label (black color) like the two folloving albums.

  3. Great site! Nice info too! I mean, the Ramones, Flamin' Groovies, what more can one ask? If you'd like to exchange links between our blogs I'll be more than honoured.

  4. Thanks again for the excellent tunes! :)

  5. So is this Japanese pressing supposed to be superior to all the others? If so, how? I didn't
    see anything above on why this might be different from the other pressings.

  6. Hey Mihaleez, Thanks for turning us on to some great music. You inspired me to search out Dwight Twilley.
    Do you have a copy of "the kids" "living in the 20th century" that you could post?

  7. I always liked this album on vinyl! Dee Dee's bass sounds all dirty and nasty, probably like the black tar he od'd on!