Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MC5 - "Kick Out The Jams - Japanese Pressing" (Elektra, 1969)

The boulder! The moment rock & roll lost its virginity and punk's seed was planted. The storm and the hurricane, that no one ever even came close. The raw power several years before ‘Raw Power”. The black instincts by white people. The left-wing anarchism, in a country and a period flushed of the diverse powers. The rock n’ soul in its first and purest incarnation. A band that had the nuts to make a debut on stage, where wrinkle and lacking of balls are easily shown if you don't carry 'em making you overnight a laughingstock. The ones that first pressed in vinyl and gate-fold, the word every pseudo-thug wanker today spits with his record's company prompt: MOTHERFUCKER! I dig Lester Bang’s provocative writing style, and I’m sure he’s only ambition was that; to raise namely assertions but his review for this on Rolling Stone (the worst music press ever?) was in full function with the magazine’s ethos…CRAP! The words “ridiculous”, “overbearing” and “pretentious” perhaps had a ground for the remaining re-union band under that moniker (not name…), but upon the release of this such confrontation is at least malign… And don’t get fooled again, such overpowering energy vomit not even the Who’s “Live at Leeds” had! The very meaning of the term “high energy”.
Quite simply, the BEST EVER LIVE long play, a moment captured for the sake of a humanity that had the testes to resist, to think and to act. An album that refuses to be played uneventfully. We know you own it, you should if you don’t already… Here in a Jap pressing with all its dynamics blown of the grooves! Brother and sisters, the M-C-FIVE! 


  1. Ripped by JPStooges

  2. Not exactly live. The vocals were overdubbed in the studio according to Wayne Kramer. Still, one of the all time greatest albums....

  3. This blog is pure awesomeness. Would you consider a re-up?