Monday, March 21, 2011

The Detroit Cobras - "Black Tie - Live" (Bootleg - TOTH-948CD-R, 200?)

photo by Christopher Chouinard
The Detroit Cobras were/are the exact respective of groups like the Lyres or the Milkshakes. A garage approach on everything obscure and cool 'bout Soul and R&B music, 'specially of the 60s era. I really can't remember someone doing it better if not doing in it at all! And it's one of those rare things in rock & roll when a "cover band" has more to tell and spread than the obvious, to reduplicate or repeat things.
Don't know if you already knew this, but when I'm saying it on a conversation, everyone seems to mount his eyebrows... Alex Chilton was responsible for this band more or less... They seem to be blessed with coolness from the day one. They searched on trashcans and dusted off brilliant sides by artists like Irma Thomas, the 5 Royals, Gino Washington, Nathaniel Mayer, The Olympics, Shangri-Las, the Ronettes, Mickey Lee Lane or the Gardenias... And all this without looking like mods but like street punks. They have on their arsenal the BEST female vocalist came outta US the last 20 years at least. Rachel Nagy's the SEXIEST chick around. Something like a real cool Janis' daughter in a stripper's disguise! They were SO GOOD that legendary songwriters like Jackie DeShannon and Ellie Greenwich expressed their will to wrote new material especially for them! Nothing's just luck in this life, right? If you don't own their records just add it on this next week's schedule and start with it. A great live appearance that broadcasted by Detroit's WCSX radio station with the Cobras blasting out a 17 song set that smokes! That's as far as i know an only CD-R boot but if anyone from you guys and gals out there knows more, please comment.
320 Kbps

Black Tie! 


  1. Well put! I love your Blog and you have turned me on to so much AMAZING rock 'n' roll. I have bought many records from listening to music that you have recommended that I would not have come across myself.

  2. LURVE the Cobras! Thanks much for this!

  3. Love the DC's but gotta say that the first disc was the best....and at their worst (which isn't often, but everyone has a bad day) they sound like just another awful bar band....and in my experience, they're better on record than they are in person.

    But: with that said, I can't wait to give this a listen!

    And: can you nix the SendSpace and stick with Rapidshare?

    Sorry if it sounds (or seems) like I"m just griping and not being appreciative....I love yr site, and you've brought me lots of great music with informative, passionate posts. This is all just opinion and critique, not angry criticism : )

  4. @Anonymous & aikin: Thanks a lot guys for stopping by saying your thoughts! Much appreciating!
    @DefChef : Hi buddy! Don't worry, i understand what you're saying. I never liked RS, cause has limited connectivity or full slots in many countries for the free users. My friend Jean Phillipe made the uploads for this site on RS. Don't know, i picked on Sendspace or Mega Upload cause they seem to be the best for free downloading, but if many of you guys had problems with all these - i'll try RS myself.
    Cheers mate!

  5. Hi Mihaleez - hope all is well. Just discovering the Detroit Cobras and was hoping you would make this one available again. Thanks for considering.