Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Senders - "The Living End b/w No More Foolin'Me" (S.R.I. Records, 1978)

I know, writing someone's bio it's a good thing for people came last minute for the picture, but I’m not that good at it plus it bores me to death!
The good thing here is that i did an interview some months ago with Philippe Marcade of the Senders fame, telling more or less lot o' things for the band we're about to talk here. I guess it's a cool one so give it a chance if you haven't already.
The Senders may be the first and the best of all the roots rock & roll revivalists of the seventies. A tight as hell incarnation of the golden age of American R&B and rock & roll. They had a huge range of influences, from Little Richard and Chuck Berry to Howlin' Wolf and the Crazy Teens, resurrecting a music that at the time was totally forgotten. You can add them on the pub rock circuit if it ever existed such a movement for the west side of the Atlantic. If the one side of the coin were Dr. Feelgood, then the other for sure were the Senders. Not as speedy as their British comrades but in a way, an edgier approach of what was R&B, at least for them. Wild Bill is a hell of a guitarist, something of a 50s version of Johnny Thunders. Did I say Johnny Thunders? Well, Johnny wasn't just a friend that jumped in for a while, but a long time fan! Go figure, you're in a band and among your followers is Mr. Genzale himself! Not a bad credit for your CV, right?
I dig all of their stuff, the earlier naturally more, but the re-united versions were totally cool also and it’s a worthy adventure to try gather their entire recording output. What we got here is their self produced first release. And it's a BLAST if I must put it in a few words (well, one). BLOG TO COMM has a review of this with something I liked enough to adopt and use. On the above two-sider you can actually hear a "1959 version of Heartbreakers". Speaking the truth, that's exactly what you are going to hear on this. The sad similarity that the Senders shared with the Heartbreakers, was the heavy drug use and the tragic loss by some of their members. There's a new cool compilation out in the streets under the title of "Outrageous and Contagious". I didn't bought it yet cause I own the lot of the Senders discography, but I will, cause it has two cuts with JT on guitar and this alone hits me enough to make it mine. But it's a sure shot for the newbies. Check it out here.
Along with the Fleshtones, the Zantees and the Raunch Hands, NYC’s best kept secret!



  1. Tankyouthankyouthankyou,i never know this band,it's really good...

  2. Glad you like it Roberto. You should now check all of their stuff and remember me, you won't be dissapointed on this! Thanks for stopping by and tell your thoughts! Cheers!

  3. The Senders Official Website:

  4. Hey anonymous, thanks but this link not seemed to work... Pity cause i was anxious to see a proper site dedicated to these great cats!

  5. Oi! Thanks, i just figure that is "us" in the address and not "su". Thanks again!

  6. hi, it would be great if you could re-up the first senders 7".