Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Poppees - "The Bomp! Singles" (Bomp!, 1975 & 1978)

 I have bought recently a newly Bomp! issued compilation of the Poppees but i didn't have placed the small digital disc on the player for many days. What a dumb-ass! I have totally forgot how GREAT this band was! The Poppees definitely are members of the greats pantheon, up there with the Flamin' Groovies or the Big Star. In a time that someone liking early Beatles' work (the ones that actually really need your attention - i don't go much for the latter drugged fueled hippy recordings) was a crime, four New Yorkers tried their best to bring back vocal harmonies and beautiful guitar hooks.
Unfortunately all they ever did (officially), were those two Bomp! 7 inches. But these four sides were honestly some of the best musters on how pop minded rock n' roll (a.k.a. as power pop) has to be played. No wonder why Greg Shaw lost his mind hearing just once their first demo recording.
They had Craig Leon (not much later took place as the producer of the Ramones) and Cyril Jordan ( Flamin' Groovies six string arsenal throughout their existence) behind the board and Greg Shaw as a pusher but sadly nothing really happened. On the aforementioned comp. there are live recordings sawing a different direction that the Poppees tried for some time (the Heartbreakers influence is more than audible) but not much after this, they broke into two more (excellent again) bands, the Sorrows and the Boyfriends (both groups are to this day cult acts for power pop & punk fans). What we have here is their two singles on the legendary Bomp! label. Try these first and go get after their "Pop Goes the Anthology" CD.

PS: That's a piece that i found on garage punk forums. If what it says it's true, i can't wait for the proper release of it...
"A rare reel tape discovery in Los Angeles: the unreleased debut album of The Poppees. This 12-song tape includes 1 of the group's 2 singles on Bomp Records, "If She Cries." The songs are definitely performed by The Poppees and are not from their splinter period where they became the alternate group, The Boyfriends or later with the formation of The Sorrows.

The Poppees tape was found with a stack of other reel tapes, apparently from a radio station, which included rare material by: Yard Trauma; The Brood; The Boss Martians; and others.

The tape is being researched for transfer and release---30-plus years later after the original recordings. The Poppees performance is found original and sparkling; fans will find their 3-decade wait was not in vain.

Standout tracks include ”Somebody Loves You” and “You’d Never Leave.”

Andromeda International Records"