Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get Dorked! Volume1, Issue 1 - Buy it NOW!

Hey! Danny sent me this fine piece of paper and i tell you people it's an ass fire from start to finish!
The lost art of printing a 'zine found finally some true believers and holdovers! No shit! This pocket size black & white exploitation needs your support and believe me, these kids (Danny Dodge and Laura Svec) fuckin' deserve it! My copy says *3rd Pressing* which means automatically there's still hope in this world for rock n' roll printed matters! On the 1st issue of Get Dorked! you are able to find and dig articles on Ron Haydock, The Mummies, Chan Romero, Pebbles LP's plus a Mike McCarthy interview. Not bad for a first step, huh?
Oh! There's on the slips a 2nd issue ready, as my ruffians 'round the world just informed me and I'm pretty sure gonna be an even better publication! And LET THIS BE A WARNING:
"This zine has the very intention to make you bad. And if you're already bad? We're gonna make you worse! Life ain't no fun when ya play by the rules! I guarantee by the end of this zine, you'll be walkin to a whole new beat!"

Order your copy NOW!
Contact: http://getdorked.tumblr.com/

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