Monday, August 2, 2010

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - "Album" (Original Release, 1983 - Blackheart Records)

Avoid immediately cliches like "one of the first female rockers", "good but childish" or "godmother of punk". All of those stupid, easy phrases had nothing to do with Joan Jett!
If rock n' roll to be played in its purest stripped down form it's childish, well that's the main reason liking it!
Joan's one of the few still out there preaching for rock n' roll the way this devil's thing should be preached! A glam-y approach on the Stones and AC/DC with the snarl of punk rock and the hip shake of an early Elvis is what Joan Jett & the Blackhearts always were and thank god still are!
"Album" had the sad fortune to be the follower of "I Love Rock N Roll" LP and as you can easily guess lacks on glamour but kicks ass when it comes for the music! Arguably the best and strongest Blackhearts LP! I believe that the band was relaxed by success instead of anxiety and throughout this burner, quite simply the Blackhearts really tear into a manic and well straitlaced rock n' roll - indicating how GOOOOOD they were!
Don't try (to) find here "I Love Rock N Roll"s or "I Hate Myself For Loving You"s....
What you get it's a astonishing "Fake Friends", two excellent covers on Stones' "Star Star" (one of my very fave Stones toons ever!) and Sly's "Everyday People" or a killer a stripped re-edition of the Runaways "I Love Playin with Fire"... That are the standouts but as i said, this is a well wound up record from start to finish!
Don't be fooled, nix journalist of Rolling Stone or Billboard is smarter than Kim Fowley! And Joan Jett's one more reason for thanking this maverick for what he did for or better on rock n roll!
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  1. You are a man of taste, thank you!

  2. This album is my very favorite Joan Jett LP. The band sounds great, Joan also wrote some excellent, pissed off tunes for this release.