Sunday, May 6, 2018

Various Artists - "Songs The Senders Taught Us" (WAIL TAPE 02)

It's been a while, huh?

OK, I'm a lazy bastard lately I confess. There are many excuses for it, but I'm as bored to story them as you probably reading them, so... That's from my vault of shit. Things I'm doing constantly for my own pleasure. I'm almost done with Philippe Marcade's excellent rock & roll memoir, Punk Avenue and came to my mind that I had somewhere this self made compilation, so why not sharing it? I'm not going (of course) to remind you who The Senders are/were. That's an insult. If my memory serves me well, I created this right after Wild Bill's passing, so here's a properly sloppy and drunken tribute to the Senders' axeman, full of the greasy originals the mighty pub-rock New Yawkers tried through their lifetime, to cover. Hope not forget something, but if I did, feel free to correct me.

'Till next time, take care people and keep the rocks rollin'!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Various Artists - "Born To Lose - A Tribute To Johnny Thunders" (3xCD, Skykrebs Records - 2009)

Oops, here I am again!
How many tribute albums have you bought people and how many of them are worthy of your hard earned spent money? Not much right? OK, let's make it easier. How many tribute albums have you downloaded so far and you've been bored to death for the time you spent on 'em hearing? Not so much, again, am I right?
Well, for some very strange reason this one even though was probably of the best around and surely the best on our beloved Johnny Thunders, never got the credit. I mean, even fuckin' Discogs doesn't have it on (wtf)! And if the producer had it reduced to a single disc it would have been the ultimate, but what the hell, the more Genzales the better, right? RIGHT!
And thanks to the old pal of the blog, Steve, came to my own hands too a couple of years behind. Here's the story: I was looking for material The Waldos haven't had anywhere else and I came across this. Three tracks man! The Waldos on "Jetboy", Walter on "Short Lives" and Tony Coiro with "Blame it on Mom"! I remember myself searching for it for quite a lot but I wasn't able to track it down in a reasonable price, cause you know they weren't many places have it on their vault. So I asked Steve if he was sitting on and the reply was a link with full scans and 3 CD rips! The tags was a mess but who cares, do something for yourself you lazy prick and so I did! The performances doesn't go below good and the names are at least underground scene thugs. My beloved Devil Dogs with a rip-roaring version of "I Wanna Be Loved", Blanks 77 with "London Boys", The Stiffs take on "Crime of the Century" (with a lil bit of Sex Pistols...) or Nine Pound Hammer ("Let Go") and New Bomb Turks ("Bad Girl"). Impressive, huh? Except for the Waldos familia, there are plenty of other people who knew and played with Johnny over the years (Buddy Bowzer, Jeff Magnum, Andy Shernoff, Alison Gordy etc) or people with more maintream creds (Jesse Malin, New York Loose). And oh, there are also a few surprises (listen for yourselves for 'em) and many a guest star if you read the extensive liner notes carefully. In other words people, this boxset is a must for anyone who is a fan of Thunders or The Dolls or The Heartbreakers.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Various Artists - "Summer Stomps VOL. I" (STOMP TAPE 01)

Whassup? Hope this letter ( finds you all you guys and gals pretty well! I know, it seems a little bit like I totally dropped this space but as you can see for yourself I'm not. I'm just having no time at all for posts and wanking, at least as Ι used to fool around the previous years. Anyway, here I am. I told you before that I'm gonna show up from time to time and that it's going to happen anytime my mojo is coming back to me. It's almost end of the summertime and I'm still here in the big city due to many-many obligations. But the time has come, man and next Friday hopefully I'm gonna leave Athens for vacations and that was a reason enough to make a new digital 'mixtape' to celebrate the occasion! It's been done real quickly. The procedure was once again based on the formula of "not so much thinking, man", so I just drove myself through my stuff picking out/bringing out whatever my eye was catching and thought I wanted to be in and ripped the shit outta them. The usual WTS faves, you know - 60s garage punk, frat, rhythm and soul, rhythm and blues, real rock & roll basically. Anyway, hope you like it and whether or not have already set yourself to the summertime mode, these toons I think will fix your mood. Till next time (whenever that is), keep the rocks rollin'!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Various Artists - "Songs The Missing Souls Taught Us" (WAIL TAPE 01)

Hi there! Hope 2017 will be a far better year for each and every single one of you guys and gals.

I know it's been a while since the last time but you know... Not much spare time, not much appetite, not much in general. It seems that I lost my mojo (or interest) for bloggin' matters, but I'm not shutting down the damn thing, cause I love it so much and it gave me even more the last 7 years. And maybe it's for better to post something when I'm really in the mood for it. So keep checkin' people, I'm sure from time to time will pop up something cool from your old hang out.

Anyway, on our subject: Some of the things that failed to renew my faith on modern bands lately, is the lack of fantasy and passion. Most of 'em seem to stay on the "looking good" concerns and they're recycling the same old cliches. I mean OK, you're not going to re-invent the wheel by playing rock & roll, but if you don't have faith, passion in your music, fuckin' leave it man, try something else for your own good (and ours)... Maybe I'm an old fart now, but I'd rather listen to Slim Harpo or The Pretty Things than to place an LP by the Tell Tale Hearts, and believe me I dig A LOT Mike Stax's old comrades. So, if I'm bored with a band like the Hearts lately, go figure what happens with a much newer combo who choose to play R&B or garage with a much less passion...

The Missing Souls outta Lyon, France are the real shit though, trust me! After three singles and a full album, these soulful fuzz-nuts made me ask for more every single time I put one of their slices on my turntable, man and believe me that's an often repeated procedure the last few months. They don't write songs of their own, but who fuckin' cares with a taste like this!!? Their ability to choose and rebuild amazing 60s garage-frat-punk and obscure soul classics having me not caring at all for not owning "original" material. In fact, I'm praying to stay that way!

If you haven't bought some (if not all) of their stuff already, stop reading now and go place an order. I mean, NOW brothers and sisters! In any other case, you definitely understand why I'm raving so much about them and decided to make a comp with all the original versions they have picked on so far. Again, this was at first for my own listening pleasure, but it's such a good selection of songs that I had to share it with you people.

Woooo, my (missing) soul!!!!


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sadville... R.I.P. Billy Miller, Fuck You 2016...

This one has hit me REALLY hard... Billy Miller was along with wife Miriam Linna a tireless pair of rock n'roll champions of the higher quality that exposed me to the WILDEST sounds ever recorded! Without Kicks Magazine and Norton Records I would have been a totally different person, for sure less interesting even to myself... I'm FUCKIN' saddened and devastated by the sad news. Fuck off 2016. R.I.P. BillyMiller and hang on Miriam. My sincere condolences... Sadville...

Billy, Link Wray & Crypt Records' Tim Warren
NYC, 1985, pic taken from Turn It Down blog

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Real Kids - "The Real Kids" (LP, Red Star Records / Bronze Records - 1977)

Hmmmm... It's quite difficult to write something 'new' for a band like The Real Kids, especially if you have done it already in the past... I mean, really now, is there anyone in here not knowing who the Real Kids are/were and what they've done? Come on! And I'm sure many of you lads and ladies, have this and the other Real Kids stuff already by the Norton reissue program just like me, am I right? So why this?! Because The Real Kids' 1977 debut is the perfect rock 'n' roll record, that's why! Recorded in three nights at the Ultima studios in New York City and it's the perfect blend of captivating power pop melodies and fiery teen punk energy. And this is the UK pressing of their debut monument, ripped by the man with the best ears and equipment around, the mighty Jean-Phillipe! A reason enough to grab this one more time and crank it up to your fuckin' boring neighbors!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Various Artists ‎– "Pow City! FABulous Shakers Soul Party" (CD, No Label / Crypt? - 2000)

Another digital disc full o' buttshakin', wailin' soul and funky 45s, quite probably by the hands of Tim Warren! The whole (party) spirit throughout this CD it's from the period of time when the soul music was morphing and transforming into something funkier. The beats are heavier, more African oriented but not at all "ethnic". A plain rawness that had only in mind to shake some ass and nothing else. I got this at first just for King Little Richard's "Soul Train" but maaaaaan, imagine my surprise when I've found out that it was just another killer shot of hot-shit rhythm shaker among others!!! Dig also Dottie Campbell's groovy reworking of the Sir Douglas Quintet "He's About A Mover" (with THAT crazy and naughty organ, man!) or Andre Williams and Andre Williams disguise as Jomo or The Ditalians opener "I Gotta Go" which is an absolute cracker. 22 ultra rare stompers and groovers for your parties. Don't worry, dance now, you can thank me later!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Various Artists - "Full Time Lovers, Songs The Fabulous Thunderbirds Taught Us" (WAILCD 02 and a Half)

I've made this comp about a year or so back if my memory serves me well but I didn't posted it at the time because of the following two reasons: I didn't have all songs in FLAC (still don't - so not all songs ripped by me) and I've ran out of ideas for the back cover (all you get is this so-so front sleeve). The whole thing/project was to gather up all Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Funky sides the original Fabulous Thunderbirds line-up have covered (plus some more, I mostly focused on things Wilson/Vaughn touched later), and in this at least I succeed. I really love the T-Birds man! Their manic fusion of sweaty rock & roll, electric Texas barbecue of Chicago blues, nasty Memphis Soul and Louisiana Zydeco was (still is actually) a very good reason (if not, the only) for having any respect on white skin rhythm & blues gangs. Boy, even Muddy Waters was impressed back then when he caught one of the band's first shows in 1975 and hyped them Thunderbirds boys to club owners and interviewers across the country, loudly! Anyway, you got it I guess already. So, this is exactly what its title says. A 26 song gathering of all original sides the archetypal T-Birds chose and recorded (from Lazy Lester to Slim Harpo and from Sam & Dave to Bobby Patterson) for their first six albums, hope you dig it!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Various Artists - "Garage Punk Unknowns Parts 1 & 2, Mid-Sixties America's Teen Garage Rock Action Blast! 1965-1967" (CD, No Label / Crypt? - 199?)

Hey there!
Bought the other day the "remastered" CD from Crypt of what was once upon a time, "Back From The Grave" Volumes 1 & 2 LPs and I'm telling you people, I was very GLAD that the master of primitivism the great in many levels Tim Warren have finally decided to update sound and packaging on the ol' classic bibles of RAW sixties punk that many of us here grew up with! And that led me to post these...
For some strange reason, probably due to (then) problems with rights, there's no Crypt logo on 'em. The whole design and attitude though betrays that Tim had a hand (or two...) in putting together these, he-he. Anyway and just for geeking reasons I'm telling this, I think the only time "Garage Punk Unknowns" had a Crypt mark on was on this 4 vinyl box. But then again, the box got out in 1998 and these CDs in 1999 (I think)... Who knows? Tim works in mysterious ways.
So for the newbies, "Garage Punk Unknowns" were the spinoffs of "Back from The Grave" volumes (along with the "Teenage Shutdown" series that I totally worship). Crude, unpsychedelic 60s punk raunch from the teens that tried to imitate the Stones and the Kinks (and thank God) they utterly failed! If you're looking for the original proto-punks in rock & roll history, these pricks in here are the ones man. Cheap guitars, pounding drums, screams and adolescent snark all the way!
Fuck Hippies. Amen.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The New Race - "The First And The Last" (LP, Line Records - 1983)

OK, let me clear this: This blog isn’t dead... I’m just going through a phase of terminal boredom! It happens sometimes, you know…
Anyway, for this post you’ll have to thank entirely Jean Philippe! And I’m sure no introduction is needed by my side cause really does exist anyone (regular visitor of this space or not) not knowing the names of Radio Birdman, MC5 and/or the Stooges? I don’t fuckin’ think so. So, this is an amazing high energy one off document – gathering of teachers and students! Detroit Punk Rock & Roll anyone?!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

MC5 - "Back in the USA" b/w "Tutti Frutti" (7" Single, Atlantic - 1970; German Mono Mix)

Hi there! Let's go on this quickly just like the rock and roll tradition commands! Here's another one of the super cool Jean Philippe findings. One of those that only my pal from somewhere in the south of France and his mighty pair of ears are able to dig and emerge through the dustbins and the eBay auctions. The well known 5ive two-sider on Chuck and Little Richard has now a very good reason for you to be heard (again) through the WTS gateway. Here's what was waiting for me in the mailbox, this morning:

"...Another fact: our favorite 70's LP are sonically fuck*d-up: Raw Power, LAMF... the MC5 2nd LP is not great either. Very thin-sounding, with virtually no bass. The French pressing is a little bit bassier, but that's not a night and day difference. I recently ripped the German mono single shown below. If you have decent speakers, the bass on this one will put a smile on your face (on side 1 at least). It has wall-shaking sub-bass (but you really need speakers that can handle deep bass)."

 Blast on and have a great weekend! MC5 with BASS!!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dead Moon - "Echoes of the Past" (2xCD, Sub Pop - 2006)

I woke myself up today to the sad news of Andrew Loomis departure. Dead Moon for us the few rock & roll infected here in Greece were and still are something special and something different. We knew and we cared about them when nobody else gave a shit around the world and I'm fuckin' proud for it. I mean, even the fuckin' local Metal Hammer back then, gave them coverage... 

I've seen them play live always with the same set-up (all three placed together in the same row right in front of the stage), from small venues to open air festivals luckily many-many times. And Andrew was always in the middle of Fred and Toody and you knew that the show was about to begin when this old Jack Daniels bottle full of melted candle on the drum kit, was catching fire again. He used to shoot beer on the drumskins quite often too, such a show off, he-he...

Dead Moon were the last true and pure garage punk outfit. Not garage rock. Fuck it, this is punk Forget all the lame ass retro shit bands full of squares in paisley shirts and beatle boots. They were crude, they recorded themselves even cruder and they pressed (themselves again) their own vinyls (CD? wtf are you talkin' about man?!) on the same ancient lathe that The Kingsmen cut "Louie Louie". I have always been fascinated by this tale but it was their dark (and I mean, DARK) rock & roll approach that made me a longtime fan. And their privitism. Man, they were cavemen enough to annoy even Tim Warren, but hey no surprise we're talkin' about a Fred Cole leading gang, remember? And they reminded the whole world that you didn't have to be a straight edge hardcore punk loyal to be a "D.I.Y." pioneer as well. And they stayed that way, way too long to have any right to call themselves "indie", but never cared much about it. But there's I guess where lies the difference between a way of life and a trend...

Anyway, this one here is a perfect example of what a perfect compilation is. I still feel strange looking at the label logo though but the guys over Sub Pop let wisely Fred Cole himself to pick up the material so no further questions about the quality I suppose. 

R.I.P. Andrew. Sex Murder Art...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Velvet Crush - "Teenage Symphonies to God" (CD, Creation - 1994)

If authentic pop music had a proper revival movement like the garage had back in the 80s, Velvet Crush would have been definitely its Chesterfield Kings or something! A classic power pop band from Rhode Island hooked in melodies and filled with hooks without being/sounding "retro" a bit. Based more though in the U.S. tradition of the genre instead of the Brit, they had both feet settled on what Big Star, the after surf Beach Boys and the early Gene Clark era Byrds have than say the Beatles or the Who. And for these recordings, to yours truly their best effort still, they assorted Mitch Easter for the producer's chair and hijacked for the album title the famous now Brian Wilson quote about "SMiLE", so I guess no surprise at all that this came out from the Creation Records producing line, right?! A really lost 90s classic to be placed along Teenage Fanclub and Gigolo Aunts records. Believe me, the "CONTEMPORARY POP MUSIC" decoration, has a very good reason hangin' up there! Amazing artwork on the sleeve too, I should make a tee someday with this Chucks wearing cool lad, right?!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Delakota - "The Rock" (CD-Single, Go Beat! - 1998)

Hey there! It's a Saturday night and I haven't made a Saturday night post since... who knows? There are good chances to have said the following again but I'm getting old and I guess it's typical for old people to forget things, so... I'm a 100% 9Ts kid! And I've spent my teens listening to many Brit bands and I developed a habit to like the "Rave" Manchester bands (Madchester anyone?) quite A LOT! And I used to like dance and club stuff the same as I used to like the rockin' and rollin' ones! I mean, back then I used to like even some "grunge" stuff  too (OK, go ahead now and shoot me!).
Delakota was a "band" of those "shoulda been, coulda been" phrases/old cliches but trust me, these guys were totally awesome! I mean, they're still better than most of them Kasabian dudes around (and I like Kasabian, I found actually the other day that I own their first CD!). "The Rock" was their debut (or it's "C'mon Cincinnati" their first one?) and it's a cool as fuck, laid back, stoned-sy Screamadelica meets "Second Coming" era Stone Roses with Charlatans' Tim Burgess on the mic, thing! I'm sitting also on the "555" single but it's a 45 and I'm too lazy to do the rip thing on vinyl... You know...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jack O' Fire - "The Destruction Of Squaresville" (CD, Estrus - 1994)

If you're really into this 'blues punk' thing there are good chances to know or sitting on this CD already. Jack O' Fire were made of the same clothe the Oblivians, the Raunch Hands and the archetype Blues Explosion been made also. If my memory serves me well, Tim Warren is a huge Jack O' Fire fan if that says something (I know it says actually). They've been created to create mayhem by doing punkish covers on blues and soul standards and bluesy renditions of punk rock stiffs. And they had Tim Kerr on guitar and Walter Daniels on harp and vocals. Any gang with these two punks involved worth its salt, right? As Big Daddy Soul putted once (whoever this BDS guy is anyway): "Jack O' Fire is on a mission to educate, liberate and inspire the young masses by the only means necessary... Rhythm & Blues". Dig?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Berry Pickers - "Watcha Tryin' Todo/ All Aboard / Wee Wee Hours" (7" single, Dionysus - 1986/87)

The Berry Pickers were an excellent and dirty R&B band from East Hollywood, with a hard fixation for Chuckster as their name proudly announce (and two outta three songs on this slice), Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed and John Lee Hooker. As far as I know as long as they were together, they released only this EP on Dionysus but there are rumors for some more recorded material that stays in the can and waits patiently to breath. I dig them obviously cause they chose the hard way back then for not going psych or garage as the trends ordered. OK, I dig them actually cause I'm too a totally R&B oriented one track mind prick but you know that already, don't you?! Very much in The Crawdaddys and Tell Tale Hearts style and look (Rolling Stones circa 1964 in fact). Don't know also if it's in real MONO, but any band that wore proudly its monophonic obsessions, are this blog's pets!

PS: Happy new year! Hope this new run of months to bring everyone better news and a better life. Health and joy, nothing else matters.