Saturday, March 19, 2016

MC5 - "Back in the USA" b/w "Tutti Frutti" (7" Single, Atlantic - 1970; German Mono Mix)

Hi there! Let's go on this quickly just like the rock and roll tradition commands! Here's another one of the super cool Jean Philippe findings. One of those that only my pal from somewhere in the south of France and his mighty pair of ears are able to dig and emerge through the dustbins and the eBay auctions. The well known 5ive two-sider on Chuck and Little Richard has now a very good reason for you to be heard (again) through the WTS gateway. Here's what was waiting for me in the mailbox, this morning:

"...Another fact: our favorite 70's LP are sonically fuck*d-up: Raw Power, LAMF... the MC5 2nd LP is not great either. Very thin-sounding, with virtually no bass. The French pressing is a little bit bassier, but that's not a night and day difference. I recently ripped the German mono single shown below. If you have decent speakers, the bass on this one will put a smile on your face (on side 1 at least). It has wall-shaking sub-bass (but you really need speakers that can handle deep bass)."

 Blast on and have a great weekend! MC5 with BASS!!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dead Moon - "Echoes of the Past" (2xCD, Sub Pop - 2006)

I woke myself up today to the sad news of Andrew Loomis departure. Dead Moon for us the few rock & roll infected here in Greece were and still are something special and something different. We knew and we cared about them when nobody else gave a shit around the world and I'm fuckin' proud for it. I mean, even the fuckin' local Metal Hammer back then, gave them coverage... 

I've seen them play live always with the same set-up (all three placed together in the same row right in front of the stage), from small venues to open air festivals luckily many-many times. And Andrew was always in the middle of Fred and Toody and you knew that the show was about to begin when this old Jack Daniels bottle full of melted candle on the drum kit, was catching fire again. He used to shoot beer on the drumskins quite often too, such a show off, he-he...

Dead Moon were the last true and pure garage punk outfit. Not garage rock. Fuck it, this is punk Forget all the lame ass retro shit bands full of squares in paisley shirts and beatle boots. They were crude, they recorded themselves even cruder and they pressed (themselves again) their own vinyls (CD? wtf are you talkin' about man?!) on the same ancient lathe that The Kingsmen cut "Louie Louie". I have always been fascinated by this tale but it was their dark (and I mean, DARK) rock & roll approach that made me a longtime fan. And their privitism. Man, they were cavemen enough to annoy even Tim Warren, but hey no surprise we're talkin' about a Fred Cole leading gang, remember? And they reminded the whole world that you didn't have to be a straight edge hardcore punk loyal to be a "D.I.Y." pioneer as well. And they stayed that way, way too long to have any right to call themselves "indie", but never cared much about it. But there's I guess where lies the difference between a way of life and a trend...

Anyway, this one here is a perfect example of what a perfect compilation is. I still feel strange looking at the label logo though but the guys over Sub Pop let wisely Fred Cole himself to pick up the material so no further questions about the quality I suppose. 

R.I.P. Andrew. Sex Murder Art...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Velvet Crush - "Teenage Symphonies to God" (CD, Creation - 1994)

If authentic pop music had a proper revival movement like the garage had back in the 80s, Velvet Crush would have been definitely its Chesterfield Kings or something! A classic power pop band from Rhode Island hooked in melodies and filled with hooks without being/sounding "retro" a bit. Based more though in the U.S. tradition of the genre instead of the Brit, they had both feet settled on what Big Star, the after surf Beach Boys and the early Gene Clark era Byrds have than say the Beatles or the Who. And for these recordings, to yours truly their best effort still, they assorted Mitch Easter for the producer's chair and hijacked for the album title the famous now Brian Wilson quote about "SMiLE", so I guess no surprise at all that this came out from the Creation Records producing line, right?! A really lost 90s classic to be placed along Teenage Fanclub and Gigolo Aunts records. Believe me, the "CONTEMPORARY POP MUSIC" decoration, has a very good reason hangin' up there! Amazing artwork on the sleeve too, I should make a tee someday with this Chucks wearing cool lad, right?!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Delakota - "The Rock" (CD-Single, Go Beat! - 1998)

Hey there! It's a Saturday night and I haven't made a Saturday night post since... who knows? There are good chances to have said the following again but I'm getting old and I guess it's typical for old people to forget things, so... I'm a 100% 9Ts kid! And I've spent my teens listening to many Brit bands and I developed a habit to like the "Rave" Manchester bands (Madchester anyone?) quite A LOT! And I used to like dance and club stuff the same as I used to like the rockin' and rollin' ones! I mean, back then I used to like even some "grunge" stuff  too (OK, go ahead now and shoot me!).
Delakota was a "band" of those "shoulda been, coulda been" phrases/old cliches but trust me, these guys were totally awesome! I mean, they're still better than most of them Kasabian dudes around (and I like Kasabian, I found actually the other day that I own their first CD!). "The Rock" was their debut (or it's "C'mon Cincinnati" their first one?) and it's a cool as fuck, laid back, stoned-sy Screamadelica meets "Second Coming" era Stone Roses with Charlatans' Tim Burgess on the mic, thing! I'm sitting also on the "555" single but it's a 45 and I'm too lazy to do the rip thing on vinyl... You know...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jack O' Fire - "The Destruction Of Squaresville" (CD, Estrus - 1994)

If you're really into this 'blues punk' thing there are good chances to know or sitting on this CD already. Jack O' Fire were made of the same clothe the Oblivians, the Raunch Hands and the archetype Blues Explosion been made also. If my memory serves me well, Tim Warren is a huge Jack O' Fire fan if that says something (I know it says actually). They've been created to create mayhem by doing punkish covers on blues and soul standards and bluesy renditions of punk rock stiffs. And they had Tim Kerr on guitar and Walter Daniels on harp and vocals. Any gang with these two punks involved worth its salt, right? As Big Daddy Soul putted once (whoever this BDS guy is anyway): "Jack O' Fire is on a mission to educate, liberate and inspire the young masses by the only means necessary... Rhythm & Blues". Dig?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Berry Pickers - "Watcha Tryin' Todo/ All Aboard / Wee Wee Hours" (7" single, Dionysus - 1986/87)

The Berry Pickers were an excellent and dirty R&B band from East Hollywood, with a hard fixation for Chuckster as their name proudly announce (and two outta three songs on this slice), Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed and John Lee Hooker. As far as I know as long as they were together, they released only this EP on Dionysus but there are rumors for some more recorded material that stays in the can and waits patiently to breath. I dig them obviously cause they chose the hard way back then for not going psych or garage as the trends ordered. OK, I dig them actually cause I'm too a totally R&B oriented one track mind prick but you know that already, don't you?! Very much in The Crawdaddys and Tell Tale Hearts style and look (Rolling Stones circa 1964 in fact). Don't know also if it's in real MONO, but any band that wore proudly its monophonic obsessions, are this blog's pets!

PS: Happy new year! Hope this new run of months to bring everyone better news and a better life. Health and joy, nothing else matters.

Friday, January 1, 2016

I said Baby...

I said Baby, you know when you bend over I see every bit of Christmas and when you bend back I`m looking right into the new year! She said Honey... Honey, you know I gave up cigarettes for my new year`s resolution, but I didn`t give up smooooking! I said Woman! Woman, you wanna walk a mile for a Camel or are you going to make like Mr Chesterfield and satisfy? She said, that all depends on what your packing... Regular or Kingsize?!!!

Then she pulled out my Jim Beam, and to her surprise, it was every bit as hard as my Canadian Club!!! I said, what now you got to say baaaaaaayybe? She said Umm...

Saturday, December 19, 2015

****** Rudy Ray Moore - XXXMas Presents!!! ******

Merry Christmas to ya all and send kids to bed, Santa's cuming! 
See ya next year!


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sinatra 100 and the revenge of Rock & Roll!!!

Sinatra hated rock 'n' roll so naturally I should have hated him back, right?! I won't! He was Dino's best pal, and you know what, I LOVE DINO!! He was also a very sharp male and I dig sharp males very much man, especially now in a world full of metro-sexual creatures!!! Rock and roll revenged him anyhow with this little song, he-he... Listen to it and hear the the man struggle with all these flim-flams and bim-bams!!! Great fun and groovy toon!!! 100 years from the birth of legend? Yes!

PS: Special thanks to The Hound for learning me so many things, this song included! I wish this blog was still around...

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Rolling Stones - "Street Fighting Man" b/w "No Expectations" (7" Single, DECCA - 1966; Italy MONO mix)

Greetings to y'all people. Quite busy nowadays so you're lucky, I'm not gonna fiddle your precious time with my stupid blah-blahs. So, here's another great offering by my buddy outta Paris, France in a glorious MONO mix (and quite different from the well known in STEREO), à bientôt!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - "Vive La Revolution! + LAMF Outtakes" (10", Munster/Skydog - 1999)

This one was recorded live (12/8/1977) by our pet band here at the much talked these days (sadly, for the wrong reasons) Bataclan. Jean-Philippe thought this must be a proper tribute and he was right, so...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Cheers!" Pure Genius: 20 page Pub Rock spectacular! (Mojo Magazine, Issue 30 - May 1996)

That's a hugely influential 20 page piece (at least for me) on MOJO Magazine dated back in May 1996 (just a month before my school and it's written by the exceptional drummer of The Kursaal Flyers and The Records and now an even cooler music author (among them of course the No Sleep Till Canvey Island book), Will Birch. Back then of course (again!), no internet blah-blah-blah, so this more or less (more!) became my guide and source for quite many beloved (till now and ever) bands and gangs. From Dr. Feelgood, Nick Lowe and Eddie & the Hot Rods, to the Count Bishops, Graham Parker and Ducks Deluxe, this is probably the best effort ever committed on paper about punk rock's true and unsung forefather and  gatecrasher. It's the story of Pub Rock served up just in time (Saturday night)... Raise a glass to the regulars!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Various Artists - "Savage Evangelists, The GaragePunk Gospel According to..." (WAILCD 02)

Heeeeeyyyyy, everything's OK? Hope so! Quickly: as you can easily guess, that's another shitty WTS compilation for your listening pleasure! Don't know about your neighbors' though, he-he... Anyway, the process remains the s(h)ame. Your host here in a dervish kinda mode, opens the vaults and rips the stuff the way exactly he listens to them! Ooops, I've gone too far this time, right? I'm so way out of ma head that I speak for myself in third person, not a good thing... So, I tried to keep a balance and not to include "mainstream hits" like Psychotic Reaction or Pushin' Too Hard but not go the other way too with stuff way to geeky. Fuck man, we're talking 'bout garagepunk here, rock and roll's ultra crude, primitive and mindless prick so no fuckin' geeks allowed!!! Hope you enjoy yourself with this as much I did when I was creating this obviously Tim Warren influenced little monster!!! 100% Teen Unpsychedelic 60s Teen Punk!!! Cheers!!!